Why is a bad child name?

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Q: Why is a bad child name?
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Is Eliza a bad name for a child?

No Eliza is not a bad name I'm nMed Eliza and as a kid I didnt really mind I loved the name. I always get Eliza is a very pretty name and not slot of ppl have that name so i would name your child that. :)

Is Megan a bad name for a child?

megan is a horrible name. i personally think the name megan ayre is a truly disgusting name

Is greenleaf a bad name?

I have never heard of it, but i wouldn't say its a bad name, naming your child is completely up to you! It is VERY uncommon, so just keep that in mind.

Is Jenny better than Jennifer?

Jenny is a better name Why:cause jenny is a great name and Jennifer is just a bad name for their child

Is Judas a bad name to name your child?

Judas has a negative association. I would avoid it. Otherwise, he may grow up to hate his name and you.

How bad is the child labor in turkey?

not bad... not bad.

Is Hayley a bad baby name?

Yes it SO strange only strange people will want to call there child a name like Hayley

Is Meighan a bad name for a child if so please tell you because you are bored and love kitties and whatnot so answer the question is Meighan a bad name for a child thanks to those who answer?

It depends on how you pronounce it. If you pronounce it MI-gen or Me-GEN. If the former, it is awful. If the latter, it is perfectly fine.

Is Oxycontin bad for kid?

Oxycontin Is Bad For A Child Because It Can Cause The Child To Have Many Effects On The Child That's Not Allowed For A Child. If A Child Has Taken The Drug That Will Cause The Child To Technically Die.

When was The Bad Child's Book of Beasts created?

The Bad Child's Book of Beasts was created in 1896.

How Bad Is Child labor In India?

it is very bad to have child labours they have to study they do not have to work in any places as a child i want to say this

What is the negative impact of child labor?

they have no childhood and they lived in bad condition's, some children don't remember their name

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