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Bearded Dragons are a lizard

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Q: Why is a bearded dragon not a lizard?
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Bearded dragon lizard?

Yes a bearded dragon is a lizard.

What tipe of lizard do you have?

I have bearded dragon

Which lizard is best for a beginner reptile owner chameleon or bearded dragon?

Bearded dragon.

What do you mean by lizard?

The Lizard in "Nim's Island" is a Bearded Dragon

What is the home of a bearded dragon lizard?

it is alstralia

What is the most playful lizard?

bearded dragon

What lizard species urinates the most?

bearded dragon

What lizard should I get but I don't want a Bearded dragon or a gecko?

well then dont get a lizard at all

What lizard do you have?

I have a bearded dragon and love her

Can a blue tailed tree lizard and a bearded dragon live together?


Is a fancy mouse a good treat for a bearded dragon lizard?

yes it is. the bearded dragon likes to f**k fancy mice right in the a&* all the time

Can I house a Bearded Dragon Blue tongued Lizard and Shingle back lizard?

No, Bearded Dragons are VERY territorial and will either fight other lizards or be so stressed they will get sick