Why is a coconut tree useful?

uses of coconut trees:-

* Coconut milk from the mature coconut is used to make Virgin Coconut Oil, VCO can help prevent and treat minor ailments. * Coconut oil is also used as hairdressing and as massage oil. * Coconut meat is shredded or flaked for use in baked goods or candies. * The dried meat, called copra, contains over 60% oil. This oil is used in making soap, cooking fat, margarine, cosmetics, lubricants, and many other products. * Coconut cake, the solid material left after the oil is removed from the copra, is used in making cattle feed and fertilizer. * The coconut juice is a nutritious refreshing drink especially for those people with kidney problems. Coconut juice is highly alkaline. * Fiber from the coconut husk is used to make mats, brushes, cordage and packaging material for plant, and in some countries, coconut husk is used as floor polisher. * The shell is used for ladles and cups, and is polished and ornamented into souvenirs, accessories and decorative objects. * Young leaf shoots may be eaten as salad * The sap, a sweetish fluid called toddy, is fermented into an alcoholic beverage or into vinegar. * The leaves of the tree are used to thatch roofs and to make hats, baskets, and fans. * The trunk is used for canoes, posts, rafters, and fences. * The ribs of the leaves are used for spears, arrows, and torches.