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Why is a flash-drive called a 'flash-drive'?


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Flash is just a name of having your files with you in a "Flash." And Drive is just a word of putting something into the computer. (Kind of like Driving it Into a Computer)

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By "memory stick", I assume you mean flashdrive. If you want to transport pictures from your computer to your flashdrive, stick your flashdrive into the computer, and open up your pictures. When your flashdrive is in place, another small window should open up with a list of options for you. Among these options should be "open files" or something like that. Click on it, and it will open up any files on the flashdrive (If there is nothing on the flashdrive, there will be words at the top, saying "no files on flashdrive" or "flashdrive is empty" or something like that). Go to your pictures file, and drag any pictures you want from the file to the flashdrive. The End.

no,i can't download music to my flashdrive,but you can from limewire.

You can delete the virus from the flashdrive like any other file, but it could spread to your computer. It's best to just buy another flashdrive.

You can find a usb flashdrive at Best Buy or some times at Target.

Flashdrive is use as external memory, it is really helpful for data

You simply find where you saved your PowerPoint. If you have a windows computer, open the computer option in the windows menu and it should have the flashdrive there. Open it, then drag the file into the flashdrive.

plug in a flashdrive into your computer and put the songs from itunes onto the flashdrive. after your done, put the flashdrive into the xbox and on the menu, you can play it while playing your game

first you gotta hook a flashdrive to your computer then you gotta find one and download it to the flashdrive then simply hook the flashdrive to the ps3 and presto!

They are the same - sometimes they use GB (Gigabyte) or G (gigs). They are equal.

For this you will need a flashdrive. (A blank disc might work but i am unsure) # search for a folder on your old PC called "The Sims 2" # copy this folder into your flashdrive # put the flashdrive into new PC # save the folder onto the PC # And voila! your simmies have moved to a new world.

You put it in the computer, and then soon after that the computer should recognize that it is there, and bring up a window with the contents of the Flashdrive in it.

It's called a "flashdrive", "jumpdrive", or an external hard drive.

where you can transfer documents

Certainly. The flashdrive is just like your permanent "C" drive - works the same, except it is a memory chip and can be removed.

Plug it in, it auto-installs.

Open the flashdrive file that pops up. See the documents in the flashdrive you want to delete. Click on them and press delete. Done.

She had to excess the flashdrive into the computer.

Right click on the image as "Save Picture As". Then save to your flashdrive or thumbdrive. Next go to your account and upload it from your thumbdrive or flashdrive.

simple, u just plug ur flash drive into ur usb port on ur computer. (If u have a laptop it'll be on the side, and if u have a newer desktop it'll be on the CPU box.) Once its plugged in, an icon should appear on ur monitor showing the flashdrive. then u save what u need to the flashdrive. The way i do it is i pull up the document in question, click file, the select "save as" and then select the flashdrive then click save. it should now be on ur flashdrive! hope this helped-INGY

You can use a video downloaderto help you download videos to your flashdrive.There are many video downloadersfor you to choose. You can Google "video downloader"After you download a video downloader.Go to the page where the video is playing. And click the Download Button when video is buffering. Then you can put your downloaded videos to a flashdrive.

If the resume is on you computer then 1.Pluge in the flash drive 2.Find the resume in your "Documents" 3.Right click on the resume 4.Scroll to "Send To" find the name of you flashdrive 5.Left click to send the resume and your done You could also copy it to the flashdrive

you cant but a "SD" card will work ;)

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