Why is a male swan called a cob?

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A Male Swan is called a Cob, from the Middle English (that is, English between 1066 and 1500) word Cobbe, meaning leader of a group. The Word Swan comes form the Indo- European root Swen, to sing.
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What is a group of swans called?

A group of swans is called a bevy, lamentation, herd, game, team or wedge (flying in a "V" formation) Collective nouns pertaining to swans are bank, bevy, drift, eyrar, flight, game, herd, lamentation, sownder, team, wedge and whiting.

What are baby swans called?

Baby swans are called as cygnets. Adult male swans are called ascobs while adult female swans are called as pens.

What is 'COB'?

that's what holds the corn kernels When used in relation to health and dental insurance, COB means "Coordination of Benefits" between two or more insurance policies that cover the same person. COB is set by state law and licensed insurers and HMOs must follow that law in paying benefits. a cob is a ( Full Answer )

What is the fear of swans called?

We've searched and although it doesn't seem to exist - so far - can we suggest 'cygnophobia', from the latin cygnus for swan? Good luck The two linguists While I'm sure cygnophobia would be acceptable, phobia etymology is derived from Greek roots, and therefore kiknophobia (from kiknos) would ( Full Answer )

What is the young swan called?

The young of a swan is called a cygnet or a flapper, an ugly little creature which can be easily mistaken as a duck.

What is a femal swan called?

A female swan is called a "pen; Here is a link to my resource. http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/zoo00/zoo00392.htm

What Is a swan?

\nA Swan is a bird in the family of Anatidae. A young swan is called a cygnets when adult male is called a cob. Most swans are white, while others are different colors.

What is a group of swan called?

A baby swan is called a "cygnet" A group of cygnets or eggs is called a "clutch" A group of swans in the wild is called a "herd"

Why is cob web called so?

Cobweb is an alternate word, derived from the middle English coppeweb (from coppe, meaning "spider", a word that was introduced to England by the Dutch invaders.)

Are male swans gray?

No, both male and femaes are white. A grey swan is probably an adolescent who hasn't gotten his/hers adult feathers yet.

A male swan also the inner part of an ear of corn?

A cob can mean a male swan or the inner part of the corn ear. Thereare other meanings for this word. For example, cob can mean a shortor stocky horse. It also can refer to a combination of clay andstraw used as building material.

What is a cob web?

a cob web is a spiders web that has been abandoned and collected a lot of dust.

What are male female and young Swans called?

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What are the names of a baby male and female swan?

Cob's the name for a male swan, pen for a female. A group of eggs, or baby swans, is ka a clutch. The general term for all baby swans is cygnet. The word comes to English, from the Latin cygnus for swan, by way of the French cygne. The scientific classification of swans is kingdom Animalia; phylum C ( Full Answer )

What is female COB?

If, by cob - you mean a male swan, then the female equivalent is a 'pen'

What is a male she-male called?

Your answers will vary depending on your definition of "she-male." I'll assume that you were referring to the slang term for a genetically male individual transitioning or undergoing surgery/ hormonal treatments to become (take on the physical characteristics) female. In this case, you can refer to ( Full Answer )

What is swans baby called?

Young or baby swans are called a cygnet. The way to pronounce it is ( sig-nit) Male swan - Cob Female swan - Pen Young swan - Cygnet As a group - Flock

Does the male or female swan hatch the eggs?

We have swans in the lake by my house. We have been here for three years and each year, its been the female that incubates the eggs exclusively.

What is it called when a swan runs on water?

When a swan runs on water it is called "taking off." . When a swan "water skis" on the water it is called "landing." . Same for ducks and geese.

Does a swan have a bird call?

There are several types of Swan. In Europe we have the Mute Swan which is not known for its call, and there are several others. . Swans do not sing in the same way as many smaller birds but they do make various noises, not much more than grunts - particularly when young cygnets call to their parent ( Full Answer )

Why did edward call the swan residence?

Because Rosalie told Edward that Alice told her that Alice saw Bella jump off a cliff and drown. But Alice couldn't see Jacob saving Bella, because by then he was already a werewolf. And Alice can't see any future to anyone if it involves a werewolf.

In what year was Perth founded and called the Swan River settlement?

Perth was founded in 1829, and this is when it was called the Swan River settlement. In 1829, Captain Charles Fremantle was sent to take formal possession of the remainder of New Holland which had not already been claimed for Britain under the territory of New South Wales. On 2 May 1829, Captain ( Full Answer )

What is a bay cob?

it is a horse when you get horses with brown bodies and black mane and tails then that horse is therefore bay so it would be the breed of horse which is "cob" so it is a cob that has a brown body and a black mane and tail.

Why are rosalind and celia called Juno swans in as you like it?

Juno Swans: In Greek and Roman mythology, swans drew the chariot of Venus, goddess of love. In this mythology swans were not associated with Juno whose scared birds was the peacock. On the other hand ,swans were the royal birds(those on the River Thames are still owned by the Queen),and perhaps this ( Full Answer )

What is a gathering of swans called?

A gathering of swans is called a flock, unless they are flying in a V formation. While in formation flight, the correct term is a wedge.

Why is this species called the mute swan?

The Mute Swan ( Cygnus olor ) is not altogether silent as the name suggests. It is called this because it does not emit sounds in flight, whilst all other swans communicate in the air. On the water the Mute Swan is far from mute and will squawk louder than most.

What is a swan-?

The official definition for a swan is "a large waterbird with along flexible neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad bill, andtypically all-white plumage."

Why would the male mute swan act aggressive towards the female?

I have a pair of mute swans that one has been acting veryaggressive towards the other one. I think its the female. Keeps itswings raised up all of the time lately and chases the other oneaway. Why? Up until lately and now is the 1st of March they havebeen staying together now they stay at different ( Full Answer )

What is a cob?

The official definition of the word cob is "the central,cylindrical, woody part of the corn ear to which the grains, orkernels, are attached."

Who called Shakespeare sweet swan of Avon?

Ben Jonson, in the dedication poem at the start of the 1623 first Folio of Shakespeare, which reads in part as follows: Sweet swan of Avon! what a fight it were To see thee in our waters yet appeare, And make those flights upon the bankes of Thames, That so did take Eliza, and our James !

What would be a good male swan name?

That's an interesting question. Of course it is up to you, but hereare some ideas: . Swanderson . Mr. Grace . Birdman . Evan . Taco . Bob the Swan . Jeremy . Mr. Swan . Killian . Dread Pirate Swanberts . Ugly (after the Ugly Duckling) . Andersen . Hans . Mr. Lovely . Mr. White (or Mr ( Full Answer )