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the colors mix together and make white light

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Q: Why is a mixture of all the colors of the spectrum called white light?
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The mixture of colors in white light is called the spectrum?

The spectrum

Why is the mixture of all colors of the light spectrum called white light?

If all colors of light are mixed, the light becomes white, hence white light. Most lights used to light buildings are not exactly white since they only contain certain wavelengths of light in the spectrum.

Is white light really white?

no it is not it is a mixture of all the colors in the color spectrum

What is the difference between white light and a spectrum?

the difference is that white light is a mixture of the seven spectrum colors but when refracted (separated by a transparent object) it splits again into seven colors striking at different angles that's why they look like color above the difference is that spectrum is a number of split colors striking at different angles but white light is the mixture of those colors.

A rainbow of colors is called a?

Visible Light Spectrum.

The range of colors of visible light is called the?

visible spectrum

Narrow lines of colors with no light in between them are called what?

It is called an absorption spectrum.

What is The separation of light into colors arranged by their frequencies called?


What do you call a prism spreading out light into colors?

It is called Visible light Spectrum.

What is the difference between white in light and white in pigments?

White light is a mixture of all of the colors of the spectrum. White paint is created with pigment, often titanium dioxide. While white light contains all of the frequencies of the optical spectrum, and white pigments reflect all colors of that visible spectrum.

The range of colors that makes up white light is called the bright light spectrum?

No. They're called the visible spectrum, the range of wavelengths us humans can see.

What is meant by white light?

White light is the term used to cover the normal visible (for humans) spectrum, which includes the colors ranging from red to violet. When combined in normal sunlight the human eye does not see separate colors, so the light is called 'white'.