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Why is a new friend offering me a trip two Amsterday after I lost out on a trip with an ex a year ago?



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You didn't say if you are two males, two females or a male and female and that can make a difference. You also didn't express your feelings such as possibly being depressed over the split up with your ex. Here are some reasons your new friend would offer to take you on a trip: * You have made a point of letting them know how you feel about the split up re your ex and they care enough about you to try and cheer you and up and hoping a trip to Amsterdam will do just that. * If it's the opposite sex the above could apply, but be straight with your friend and tell them you don't want any strings attached. * Perhaps this person was going to Amsterdam anyway and wanted your company. Many people don't like travelling alone. You are going to have to decide if you should chance going to Amsterdam. It's a good idea, but be sure you have your fare back home should things go wrong and be sure someone in your family or another good friend knows whom you are going with, what your itinerary is there (schedule) and where you can be reached. While away keep in contact every couple of days with someone back home just for safety's sake. Believe it or not some of my very best friends now were people that came into my life quite quickly at a time when I really needed someone to cheer me up or, it was just nice to have someone new in my life. Still, we all have to be careful to a point. We have become a paranoid society regarding harmless, friendly people that honestly want to help and we can't really blame ourselves because the crime rate has gone up so quickly and there are so many scams out there.