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Packet switching networks are often cheaper to build as less equipment is needed given this ability to share.

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Q: Why is a packet switching network generally less expensive?
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What is a switching network?

There are three (3) ways to do switching: circuit switching, message switching, and packet switching. A network may employ 2 of these (message switching and packet switching) to send and receive data.

What network technologies does not use circuit switching?

Ethernet does not use circuit switching, it uses packet switching.

What network types requires an access point?


What type or network requires an access point?


What is the purpose of the TCPIP Network Access layer?

Path determination and packet switching Edit - The correct answer is Network media control, path determination and packet switching is done by the routers.

Types of network switching?

there are three types of switching techniques 1) circuit switcching 2) Packet switching 3)Message switching

What is advantages and disadvantages of packet switching?

An advantage of packet switching is that a large amount of data can be sent at one time over the network. A big disadvantage of packet switching is the during the data transfer some of the files might get lost in the transfer.

What is the H-channel used for in the ISDN network?

carrying user voice and data circuit switching packet switching

What is a difference between pstn and psdn?

PSTN stands for Public switched telephone network PSDN stands for Public switched Data network / Packet Switched Data Network. The basic difference between two is the switching technique used. PSTN uses Circuit Switching and PSDN uses Packet Switching

Why is NGN faster than regular network?

ngn use an ip as a transport unlike in analog switching, it uses packet switching

Which is the switching technique used in current telecommunication. Cirucit switching or packet switching?

packet switching is use today

What was the first packet-switching network that is open to general public?

Billy jeen m. Martin

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