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Q: Why is a parchment from a roman trial secondary source?
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If parchment from a Roman trial a primary or secondary?

secondary because it tells you about what happened afterwards

Is parchment from a roman trail primary or secondary ans why?

It is primary because it was a Roman trial.

Is parchment from a roman trial primary or secondary?

If you are referring to sources, it is a primary source. Primary sources are form original documents. Secondary sources are form the books and articles written by modern historians.

Why is the parchment from a roman trial a primary source?

Bring your Scott Foresman Social Studies textbook home and find it out.

Is Nuremberg War Crimes Trial 1945-46 book by Marrus a secondary source?

If you know what a secondary source is, then you should know that everything is both a primary and a secondary source, but on what is always the question. So, if you are wondering if it is a primary source on the war crimes trials, then clearly it is not as Marrus was not there. But there may be primary source material used in the book.

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Jesus was put on trial before the Roman governor Pilate.

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Jesus - although he never traveled to Rome and was not really part of Roman society he obviously was the ultimate source of ancient Christianity everywhere including Rome. ... alternatively you could name Paul - who was taken to Rome for trial an established the Christian Church there Constantine - the first "Christian" Roman emperor

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