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because of air resistance because of air resistance/ pressure

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Q: Why is a skydiver not really in free fall?
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Why is a skydiver not in freefall?

A skydiver is not in freefall when they have opened their parachute. The move from free-fall to controlled decent under a wing.

If a skydiver shot a pistol at another skydiver in mid free fall what would happen?

The bullet would either hit or miss the target, depending on how good the aim of the first skydiver was. Since the shooter was in free fall, he would be pushed back and probably begin to rotate rapidly.

When a skydiver jumps from a plane before he opens his chute he is in stat e of?

free fall

Give an example of an object that is in free fall?

A skydiver. The International Space Station. Any TV satellite. The Moon.

What energy does a skydiver lose as they fall?

Potential energy.

Why does a skydiver fall through the air at a steady speed?

why does a skydiver falls through the air at at steady speed because

What type of friction causes a sky diver's acceleration to change as he fall?

The friction is the wind resistance the skydiver experiences during the free fall. If the body is held horizontal to the ground, arms and legs held out like a cross, the wind resistance increases and the body is slightly slower than if the skydiver turns vertical to the earth, as though diving off a diving board into a swimming pool. There is a terminal velocity of approximately 60 m/s for a typical skydiver in free fall.

How fast does a wing suit skydiver fall?

at about 160 mph

How long does a skydiver fall?

It depend on how high he drops and when he pulls the chute.

How fast does a skydiver fall?

Varies depending on body position and weight of the skydiver. Could be anywhere from 100 to over 200 miles per hour.

Why do skydivers usually fall with their arms and legs spread out?

The spreading of the arms and legs slows the fall and gives the skydiver more control of the fall.

Speed of human skydive free fall?

In October of 2012 daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke the free speed and altitude record. He dived from 128,000 feet and reached a speed that broke the sound barrier.

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