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Why is a veteran so important?

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Veterans are important because of the sacrifice and risk that they undertook on behalf of their country and its citizens. Whether voluntary or draft, they were at risk to protect the rights and freedoms of the rest of the citizens. They served so that you didn't have to.

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Who is an important Vietnam war veteran?

All of them!

What did wentworth cheswell do that was so important?

What I know is that he was a veteran from the war and was the first African American to be elected into public office.

Why is it important to honor veteran's?

It's important to honor veterans as they are the people who signed up in the military in order to protect their country. A Veteran has volunteered to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. That statement has no expiration date. Once a Veteran, always a Veteran.

What has the author Veteran written?

Veteran has written: 'The important query, whether fornication is a sin? argued and decided' -- subject(s): Sexual ethics

How do you rank up your veteran rank on battlefield bad company 2?

You need at least 2 battlefield games to be a battlefield veteran, and so the more games you have, the higher your veteran rank.

What is an antonym for veteran?

Novice is an antonym for veteran

Can a person be a Veteran and still be active duty?

I think so.

Would you consider anyone who served in the armed forces fir our country a veteran?

By definition, a veteran is someone who has done or experienced ... so any person who has served in the military in any capacity is a veteran, whether service was in combat or not.

Is a coast guard a veteran?

If you served in the Coast Guard, then yeah you are a veteran. The Coast Guard is a branch of the military, so people in the Coast Guard are soldiers.

What is the difference between a decorated veteran and a highly decorated veteran?

A highly decorated veteran and a decorated veteran are BOTH decorated veterans. The difference being that a highly decorated veteran received higher decorations than a decorated veteran.

Is a nurse that worked in war a veteran?

Military nurse in war,YES...a military veteran. Civilian nurse in war, YES...a VETERAN of her occupation but not a MILITARY Veteran. Another words, the word "Veteran" is not strictly a military term. A person can be a veteran doctor, veteran lawyer, veteran school teacher, etc. Veteran means someone that has been doing that job/occupation for a long time.

What war was hitler a veteran of?

If he was a War Veteran, then he would be a World War 1 Veteran.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Vietnam veteran?

No, he was not a Korean War Veteran and he was not a Vietnam Veteran.

When do you honor a veteran?

i think its veteran day

How many dallas cowboys cheerleaders veterans are planning to try out for 2011?

What we know so far is that 16 veterans will not be returning for the 2011-2012 season. They are: 1. Trisha Trevino (sixth-year veteran) 2. Tobie Percival (fifth-year veteran) 3. Brooke Sorenson (fifth-year veteran) 4. Meredith Oden (fourth-year veteran) 5. Meagan Sharp (fourth-year veteran) 6. Tia Williams (fourth-year veteran) 7. Jordan Baum (third-year veteran) 8. Jordan Chanley (third-year veteran) 9. Michelle Keys (third-year veteran) 10. Crystal Trevino (third-year veteran) 11. Evan Anderson (second-year veteran) 12. Carey DePasquale (second-year veteran) 13. Joannah Liad (second-year veteran) 14. Stephanie Heymann (first-year) 15. Alyssa Sarasani (first-year) 16. Olivia Stevanowski (first-year)

Can my wife get a hearing aid under my veteran benefits?

If she isn't a veteran, no. Only a vet can use the veteran benefits.

Does the wife of a Vietnam veteran get any pension after he dies?

It depends if the veteran or the family of the veteran shows financial need.

What words describe a veteran and begin with the letter E?

A veteran is experienced. The veteran also may be expert and effective.

What does a veteran do?

A veteran can have any career. A veteran is just someone who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field.

How do you describe a veteran?

A veteran normally would be described in terms of the specific war of which he or she is a veteran, such as a WW II veteran, a Vietnamese War veteran, etc. Other useful descriptions could include, heroic, decorated, disabled, elderly, etc.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders show group?

The members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group for 2010 are:Trisha Trevino, sixth-year veteranBrooke Sorenson, fifth-year veteranTobie Percival, fifth-year veteranMeredith Oden, fourth-year veteranBrittany Evans, third-year veteranCassie Trammell, third-year veteranCrystal Trevino, third-year veteranKelsi Reich, third-year veteranMichelle Keys, third-year veteranWhitney Isleib, third-year veteranAshton Torres, second-year veteranEvan Anderson, second-year veteranMia Greenhouse, second-year veteranAlternates:Sydney Durso, third-year veteranMeagan McVay, third-year veteranKaitlin LeGrand, rookieOlivia Stevanovski, rookieStephanie Heymann, rookie

Does one have to be a veteran to be a US president?

There is no legal requirement to be a veteran.

Who is a veteran?

Anyone who has served their nation in a military uniform is a veteran.

What is an American veteran?

A American veteran that has seved in a war for aMerica

How do you use veteran in a sentence?

The veteran laughed at the new recruits.

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