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Aggression can lead to behavior where people are injured or killed. Competition is good but aggression is over the top. Sports need people to play by the rules and shake hands.

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Q: Why is aggression a negative quality in sports?
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Is not a skill that team sports can help develop?


What is aggression and why is it important in certain sporting activities?

Aggression is a form of anger and what comes of it. It can be useful for contact sports such as: football, hockey, and lacrosse.

What is aggression in sport?

Many popular sports require the players to be aggressive. Some sports more than others have physical aggression as part of the sport. In some sports an aggressive mindset in needed and there is no physical contact. Here are the sports, some are Olympic Sports that require physical aggression: 1. Boxing 2. Wrestling Both the above Olympic sports require aggressive physical contact. Non Olympic sports requiring physical aggression: 1. Professional boxing 2. American football 3. Canadian football Winning in a sport that does not require physical contact, always requires an aggressive attitude or mindset to win.

How does aggression effect a sports performer?

In some sports it can help you because you go for it harder but it can hurt you if you are too aggressive.

What is negative behavior such as aggression?

Negative behavior such as aggression involves hostile actions or attitudes that are intended to cause harm or distress to others. It can manifest physically, verbally, emotionally, or even passively. Aggression often stems from underlying issues such as frustration, anger, or a need for power and control.

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What are five negative ways to solve conflict?

collaboration, negotiation, mediation, confronation, and aggression.

What are the Negative and positive aspects of sports?

positive aspect of sport is that it keeps you activewhile a negative culd be that too much sports can cause injurys

What will have a negative effect on the quality of life?

negative effects of fraternity to your life

What is the positive and negative affects on sports?

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What is ment by negative behaviour?

Negative behavior refers to actions or conduct that is harmful, inappropriate, or perceived as detrimental to oneself or others. This can include behaviors such as aggression, dishonesty, disrespect, or harmful intent.

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