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beacuse aluminium is light and strong and aluminuim doesnt rust so that makes the metals mixed with it bettter


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Yes. There are several alloys where aluminium is mixed with other metals.

Alloys are several metals, and possibly some other substances, mixed together.

Alloys have improved features compared with single metals.

Mixing metals we can obtain alloys or inter-metallic compounds.

they can be melted, mixed with other metals(alloys)

Pure native metals are considered minerals. Mixed metals are considered alloys.

Yes, these metals can form alloys.

Alloys are a homogenous mixture of two or more metals. Alloys are not heterogenous a heterogenous mixture is evenly mixed and alloys are made up of two different metals not always in even quantities

Alloys (metal mixtures) that have different properties form the constituent metals.

Alloys are a mix of more than one metal.

Alloys have useful properties that are not found in the pure metals from which they are mixed. You can make alloys that are stronger, lighter, more corrosion resistant, and so forth, as compared to pure metals at a comparable price range.

Metals are elements. Sometimes different metals are mixed together to form metallic alloys, such as brass.

There are many different answers but some of the most common ones are:Aluminium is very expensive when being extractedAluminium on it's own is a soft metal, but it makes hard alloys. these can be used for planes, electricity cables, window frames, etc.

Alloys are two or more metals melted down and mixed together to make another stronger metal.

Alloys are two or more metals mixed together, which occurs in nature. The first major alloy in human history is bronze.

Alloys contain two or more solids, usually metals, that are mixed together evenly bu are not chemically bonded.

A pure metal is found in nature. An alloy is a combination of metals. Alloys are better because some metals react with air and water yet Alloys dont react as much. This is why car wheels are made of Alloys so that they dont react with air or water. Alloys are simply a mix of two different metals. After being mixed they have different and better characteristics such as stainless steel. Alloys are a special type of metal.

Yes they are. They are called alloys. A common alloy is brass, made from copper and zinc.

All metals except mercury can conduct both heat and electricitythrough them very well. Metals have big pool of electrons and specially surface electrons that are easy to move can conduct electricity. All metals are shiny. All metals are ductile. Most of the metals can be mixed together to produce alloys.

iron and diffrent materials to make diffrent alloys

Gold can be mixed with mercury - formation of an amalgam; also gold can form alloys with many other metals.

According to other metals which are mixed including one or more of these; magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese, there is a huge variety of alloys which contain Al.

When metals are mixed but not chemically combined, a mixture is formed. If this mixture is homogeneous, then it is referred to as an alloy. One of the most common alloys is stainless steel, which contains steel and chromium metals.

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