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First of all, it matters what type of MD you have, but generally since the disease weakens your muscles to the diaphragm, intercostal muscles and other muscles involved in breathing begin to die, and make breathing harder and harder.

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Q: Why is breathing affected by muscular dystrophy?
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Who is more affected with muscular dystrophy?

the answer is anyone can get musclar dsytrophy

What body systems are affected by muscular dystrophy?

The body systems that are affected by muscular dystrophy include the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Many organs are also affected by this genetic disorder.

What ethnic group is mostly affected by duchenne muscular dystrophy?


What percent of people are affected by muscular dystrophy?

1 in 3500 males

How does muscular dystrophy progress?

Muscular dytrophy is not spread it is heriditary.

How does muscular dystrophy disrupt homeostasis?

The muscular Dystrophy do not maintain homeostasis.

When was Muscular Dystrophy Association created?

Muscular Dystrophy Association was created in 1950.

Is muscular dystrophy and duchenne muscular dystrophy the same?

Muscular dystrophy can appear in infancy up to middle age or later, and its form and severity are determined in part by the age at which it occurs. Some types of muscular dystrophy affect only males; some people with MD enjoy a normal life span with mild symptoms that progress very slowly; others experience swift and severe muscle weakness and wasting, dying in their late teens to early 20s.

When was Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers created?

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers was created in 2008.

When was Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation created?

Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation was created in 1958.

What are goals of rehabilitation for someone with muscular dystrophy?

what are the goals fo rehabilitation for someone with muscular dystrophy

What is the most common and most severe type of muscular dystrophy in children?

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy