Why is calendar popular?

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Calendar is popular because of it's use. It makes us informed about the days and future vents.

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Q: Why is calendar popular?
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What are some popular computer calendar applications?

According to Life Hacker, there are a few popular computer calendar applications. These are: Rainlendar, Thunderbird, Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Outlook.

Is the Mayan calendar off for the end of the world date?

Contrary to popular belief the Mayan calendar does not mention the end of the world. It is the calendar that ends.

Where can you purchase a blank calendar?

A blank calendar can actually be printed off online for free. However, there are places that you can purchase your blank calendar from. Office Depot is a popular place to get a blank calendar.

Which calendar first divied dates into two categories bc and ad?

Although the Julian calendar, which is extremely similar to the Gregorian calendar, the most popular calendar now, had been in use since it was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, the system that we use now for numbering the years of the Julian and Gregorian calendars was not introduced until AD 525, and it did not become widely popular until the 9th century.

How can someone make their own printable calendars?

There are several websites with templates for creating and printing your own personal calendar. Printable Calendar, Vertex 42, Calendarlabs and E-printable are a few of the most popular.

Which is the modern calendar the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar?

the Gregorian calendar

What is meaning of Aseed islamically?

Aseed is a fish meal, and is popular during Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

What calendar dose Islam use?

the Islamic calendar._________________________________Lunar calendar

What was calendar before Julian calendar?

the Roman calendar

Does 2012 have the same calendar dates as 2000?

No, the 2012 calendar has its dates on the same days of the week at the 1984 calendar and the 2040 calendar. The 2000 calendar is likewise the same as the 1972 calendar and the 2028 calendar.

Do you follow the lunar calendar or solar calendar?

Lunar calendar

What is the difference between Hebrew calendar and Gregorian calendar?

The Gregorian Calendar is solar and the Hebrew Calendar is lunisolar.

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