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Why is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increasing?

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2012-11-27 00:12:20

The burning of fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas), as

well as deforestation.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere remained relatively

constant in the range 260-280 parts per million (ppm) over long

periods before the Industrial Revolution, falling as low as 180 ppm

during periods associated with the Ice Ages, but never rising above

280 pp.

Since the Industrial Revolution, and particularly since about

1970. carbon dioxide levels have risen rapidly, to reach their

current level of over 390 ppm. This is the result of human

activity, mainly from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural

gas) but also from deforestation and cement manufacture.

Almost every reputable scientist ties the increase in man made

(or generated) carbon dioxide to the increased retention of heat in

the Earth's atmosphere which is causing accelerated climate



Because factories are putting it out and cars and trucks are run on



The single largest factor for increasing atmospheric CO2 is the

burning of fossil fuel. Human beings release 30 billion tons of CO2

into the atmosphere each year from fossil sources. Over the decades

this has lead to an increase from 280 parts per million to now over

390 ppm of CO2.

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