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Why is cloning good?

Debate Profession: Sam and Kassidy

Reason 1: They allow us to clone body parts for those who need it. They allow them to let those people who are supposed to die, live. For instance, let's say all of the sudden Korbyn's heart fails. And all the doctors and nurses search and search for the right kind of heart, but they can't find the right type. And they say the only way that Korbyn can live is to clone her. If Korbyn says no, she dies. If she says yes, she lives. Cloning saves lives.

Reason 2: One of the benefits of cloning isreproducing animals. For instance, what about the tiger and giant panda? They're endangered. What if comes to when only one tiger and giant panda are left on Earth, and the only way to keep them alive is to clone them. So you decide to save the panda and kill the tiger. You might wonder why it would matter, but animals have feelings too. We don't want to die, but neither does the animals. Another reason for reproducing animals is for food. You could clone pigs, cows, and chickens, and end up with more bacon, sausage, hamburgers, and barbeque chicken.

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Q: Why is cloning good?
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What are the good christian values on cloning?

A good Christians view on cloning is no. No cloning.

What ten reasons why cloning is good?

1. Cloning prevents extinction

Human cloning good or bad?


Cloning good or bad?

Cloning is bad in many perspectives. every person is to be different. cloning hampers this natural law.

Is cloning a good thing?

yes and no.

Why is cloning bad?

it can go wrong. it is not good

Can cloning be useful to humans?

Cloning is harmful to humans because it is unfair to treat humans like that, but cloning animals is good because it can save some extinction species.

Is human cloning good?

human cloning is good because doctors can take a body part from the clone and save the real person from dying or losing something.

What is the advantage of cloning for farmers?

it is good fr cows

Is human cloning good or bad and why?

Its bad because it's unnatural. But so are polio vaccines! Cloning parts for people to save their lives could be a good thing!

The church of england' s view of cloning?

That it is good.

Why can cloning food be good?

Because there is more food for you to consume if you clone it and it is good for you some how?

Is cloning good or not and why?

Cloning is not good at all as it is not scientifically tested and needs to be researched more. If you or someone you know are think about genetic cell cloning you should defiantly NOT do it as it is harmful to the environment, you ( since it takes out a cabloid from many cells nucleus which will not make the cell undergo mitosis) , and it may be harmful to other organisms as we don't know what cloning will result in the future.

What are the types of artificial cloning?

They are gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. (Hope this will help you)

Is cloning good thing or bad thing?

cloning is a very bad thing. in most cloning abilities one of the side effects is that the clone turns bad, half the world is after you and not to mention the clones will be verypowerful.To be very honest, I am against it, but if it is going to help world poverty, by for instance cloning really good food sources, or helping eradicate terrible diseases, then I am all for it

What is the good the good things about cloning?

the saying "you cant have just one".. re-invests itself

What are the disadvantages of cloning animals?

An advantage of cloning is that they can produce the right milk and produce good quality meat. A disadvantage of cloning is that it reduces variety in a population (this means the population are less able to survive any changes to their environment).

What a good cloning vector should have?

The good cloning vector should have small size, high copy number, own origin of replication, restriction sites for many restriction enzymes and selectable markers.

What are the effects of cloning?

98% fail of cloningAnswer98% fail of cloning

What is molecular cloning?

What is the protocols for Animal Cloning? What is the protocols for Animal Cloning?

Is cloning an organism the same as cloning a gene?

no they are not same as the organism as cloning

What are the types of cloning?

In general, sticky end cloning and blunt end cloning

What new ways are there of cloning?

There is DNA cloning, Therapeutic cloning, and Reproductive cloning. I'd say the newest one is Reproductive cloning as it has been successful on the 276th try with Dolly.

What is natural cloning?

When a clone is made without the use of artificial cloning. Natural cloning: Twins, mitosis, asexual reproduction Artificial cloning: SCNT, therepuetic + reproductive cloning.

What is theraputic cloning?

therapeutic cloning