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Why is cloning good?

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Why is cloning good?

Debate Profession: Sam and Kassidy

Reason 1: They allow us to clone body parts for those

who need it. They allow them to let those people who are supposed

to die, live. For instance, let's say all of the sudden Korbyn's

heart fails. And all the doctors and nurses search and search for

the right kind of heart, but they can't find the right type. And

they say the only way that Korbyn can live is to clone her. If

Korbyn says no, she dies. If she says yes, she lives. Cloning saves


Reason 2: One of the benefits of cloning is

reproducing animals. For instance, what about the tiger and

giant panda? They're endangered. What if comes to when only one

tiger and giant panda are left on Earth, and the only way to keep

them alive is to clone them. So you decide to save the panda and

kill the tiger. You might wonder why it would matter, but animals

have feelings too. We don't want to die, but neither does the

animals. Another reason for reproducing animals is for food. You

could clone pigs, cows, and chickens, and end up with more bacon,

sausage, hamburgers, and barbeque chicken.

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