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Possibly language, but I haven't played in a while.

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Q: Why is counter strike Source rated M besides blood and intense violence?
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Is counter strike for kids real?

It was made for mature gamers and is not recommended for small children due to the violence.

What engine does Counter Strike Source use?

Counter Strike: Source uses the Source engine.

Is intense competition for a food source a density independent or density dependent?

density independent or density dependent?Intense Competitonn For A Food Source

Can a counter strike source can be connect to a far counter strike source?

yes it can

What is the newest counter strike?

counter strike source

Counter strike 1.8?

no! counter strike 1.6 counter strike CZ counter strike Source

What is the newest version of Counter-Strike?

Counter strike source

Do you have to pay monthly fee to play counter strike source?

No, Counter-Strike: Source is a one-time fee.

Why is transformers 3 rated pg-13?

"Transformers : Dark of the Moon" is rated PG 13 because of 'intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence , mayhem and destruction , and for language , some sexuality and innuendo' . Source Film Ratings . com

Is counter strike source free?


Where to download counter strike source?

To download counter strike source first install Steam at Steam com. then search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with garrys mod, you can buy them both separately or together for £15.00

Will Trouble in Terrorist Town work if you do not have Counter Strike Source?

You need to have counter strike source installed to play trouble in terrorist town.