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What counter strike has the map office in it?


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Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Source

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If the map doesn't have it, then you can have it.

Automatically, you download a map from a server playing that map. Otherwise, you can download maps from FPSBanana (link below). Note: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero maps work interchangeably.

You can download Counter-Strike Condition Zero (custom) maps from Just find a desired map, find the download option, and you should have the downloaded map in no time!

if you dont know your not good enough to be there!

no! counter strike 1.6 counter strike CZ counter strike Source

Download a map and add it to your "maps" folder within your "cstrike" directory.

You press your "use" button (standard "E") when you stand beside a hostage, they will follow you to the Counter-terorists spawningpoint in the beginning of the map.

I don't think there is a Counter-Strike 1.7.1.There most current versions are: Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike : Golden Edition and Counter-Strike : New Era

counter strike 1 anthology has 3 games. 1.counter strike 1.62.counter strike conditions zero3.counter strike conditions zero deleted scenes.

From Steampowered: Counter-Strike 1.6 is $9.99 Counter-Strike Condition Zero is $9.99 Counter-Strike Source is $19.99 is a improve answer

Play on the map scoutzknifez and you'll get better.

Yes, you can purchase Counter-Strike Anthology or Counter-Strike Source package.

It's simple, copy the files of the map in to your counter strike files the files of the map may include: map/overviews/-mapname-.wad copy them in to the correct sections (files) in your CS game file Run the game and try it, see if it works, if not, some files might be missing like -mapname-.wad etc.

By writing the ip of the server map in the console box after writing connect.

pasword counter strike 1,6

how to download counter strike 1.3

Counter-Strike happened in 1999.

Yes. Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike Online, Counter Strike GO, and pretty much all FPS games.

You can buy a CD of the game. Best Buy has Counter-Strike 1 Anthology and Counter-Strike Source.

Enter the console and type "changelevel <mapname.bsp>" This only works if you have power in the server.

Counter-Strike is already an online game.

You can download the latest Counter Strike, at

une du me regjistru" Counter Strike"

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