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How do you download a map of counter strike?


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Automatically, you download a map from a server playing that map. Otherwise, you can download maps from FPSBanana (link below).

Note: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero maps work interchangeably.

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You can download Counter-Strike Condition Zero (custom) maps from Just find a desired map, find the download option, and you should have the downloaded map in no time!

Download a map and add it to your "maps" folder within your "cstrike" directory.

You can download the latest Counter Strike, at

Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike games are available to download via Steam.

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You can download it as a mod on counter strike source

I don't think there is a Counter-Strike 1.7.1.There most current versions are: Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike : Golden Edition and Counter-Strike : New Era

Softonic has it if you just google Counter-Strike Extreme.

counter-sreike download goiceasoft studio

Type in : Download Free Counter Strike (version)

The only safe and legal way to download Counter-Strike is through Steam. Note: You must download Steam, create an account, and buy the Software before you can download and install Counter-Strike. Please view the 'Related Links' section to find the official website to download Steam.

Download steam from and search for counter-strike source

To download counter strike source first install Steam at Steam com. then search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with garrys mod, you can buy them both separately or together for £15.00

No it's not safe i downloaded counter strike on Internet and i got a virus warning. So i recommend you don't download it on Internet.

you can go to and download steam client and you can select their online steam store and you can download many games including Counter strike Source CZ and 1.6

If the map doesn't have it, then you can have it.

Of course! Half Life 2 is a totally different game to Counter Strike, so you can defiantly download it if you feel like it!

Precaching time is based on the map. For downloading it: using sv_downloadurl can EXTREMELY increase download speed

You can download them online.

Download Counter Strike Source. Play Counter Strike Source. Delete Counter Strike 1.6 It's 2012 for christ sakes.

You can download it from Dont go to this its gay pron^^^^

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