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because it is made of pure cheese from fine cows, but it is not made from prairie dogs

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How do you get free melted on trisects cheese cheese?

cheese + Cheese = cheese + cream - Cheese = cheesy cream hahaha

In what cheesy city of brotherly love would you fall in love with cream cheese and cheese steak?


Why is tin not very good to keep food warm?

This question is obvious (well i am a scientist) it is because... cheese cheeses the cheesy so called cheese puff cheesy feet and cheese.

is cream cheese the same as cream cheese spread?

No. Cream cheese is freshly curdled milk with most of the whey strained off - very mild, creamy taste, not very "cheesy". Cheese spread is a manufactured product a bit like margerine, it might have some cheeese in it somewhere - a bit like spreadable processed cheese (cheese slices - as used for burgers)

What is the cheesy potato receipe?

== Cheese+potato== Cheesy potatoe ===

What is the historical significance of cream cheese?

The historical significance of cream cheese; cream cheese is very important in today's societty. Without cream cheese, would we have Cheese Cake? No, the answer is that we would NOT have cheese cake if it werent for cream cheese. Would the bagel be half as good without cream cheese? It definatly would not. Cream cheese comes in a variety of flavours; from herb and garlic to strawberry cream! Becuase cream cheese is so fattening, it is one of the many reason there are so many overweight and obese people in the world. So, as you can see, cream cheese is a huge part of society. Without cream cheese, cheese cake would nit exist. I personally could not live without cream cheese.

Why does cheese taste so good?

because its so darn good... that answer is a little cheesy;]

Why is Mac and cheese so awesome?

because they wanted to honor supermac18 for his cheesy videos .so now they call it mac and cheese.

Why does a person like to eat cheese?

Because it is cheesy and tastes so good!

What can you use instead of cream cheese?

cheese cream or cheese and cream or cream and cheese

How do you substitute cream cheese for sour cream?

You can add milk to cream cheese so it isn’t as think, then use it as substitute for sour cream

Does cheese have cream in it?

Cheese usually won't turn out well without cream, so yes.

How many calories are in a bagel with cream cheese?

there are 300 calories in a bagel and 250 in cream cheese so all together there are 550 calories in a bagel with cream cheese

Is Swiss cheese classed as a cream cheese?

NO. It doesn't make sense if Swiss cheese is classified as a cream cheese. It's because cheese is cheese and cream cheese is cream cheese.

What is a cheesy pickle?

A cheesy pickle is a pickle covered in cheese commonly eaten by the Dutch.

What kind of cheese do hamsters eat?

Well...Ummm...cheesy cheese?

Is ricotta cheese substitute by sour cream for making cheesy spaghetti cause?

Can be and is also substituted in lasgne. I'm not a fan of ricotta myself though

How much is cheese in France?

Cheesy feet!

Can you make cream cheese frosting without cream cheese?

Well, no, since cream cheese frosting has a lot of cream cheese in it. Could you simulate it? Hmm. you'd need something to give it the cheesy tang. Some sour cream might do it, but too much and it would be sloppy and too soft. You need the firmness. There may be a way to simulate it using well strained yogourt. If you put plan yogurt in a coffee filter in the fridge for many hours it will drain and thicken like cheese. Greek or balkan yogurt is thicker to start and might work.

What is the meatball logo on the challenger shuttle?

Meatballz be cheesy bro and astronauts luv cheese so yum

Why can cream cheese and non-fat cream cheese still be called cream cheese?

Because it is still cream cheese. The only diffrence...NO FAT!

What is the name for burnt cheese?

cheesy go chicharonillo

Why do acids erode limestone?

cheesier cheesy cheese

What cheese came to America on the mayflower?

cheesy chesse

Which has more calcium milk or cheese?

cheesy milk