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Why is cross dressing called drag?


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Drag is Slang. Just another bad and unintelligent form of English.


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Cross dressing is wearing clothing usually associated with the opposite sex. This can range from a guy who wears women's undergarments to "you really can't tell it's a guy" drag. There is also "gender-f**k" which is to cross dress while maintaining some characteristic that contradicts the clothing. For example, a guy may cross dress but not shave his beard. == ==

No, in fact the majority of cross-dressing men are straight.

Gay is sexual affection for same gender. Cross dressing is affection for dressing up in clothes of other gender.

very common, you wanna know why. well i am cross dressing right now. im wearing silk panties and nylons.

Cross-dressing is not a "disease" it is not bad or wrong. It does not need to be "cured." Essentially if someone wants to be "cured" of cross-dressing, they should go see a psychologist to find the underlying problem.

Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs was created on 2009-09-17.

It's not. Cross dressing is a personal choice, same with taking drugs.. I'm not saying there aren't any cross dressing junkys out there, I'm just saying they aren't related.

It's not easy, but you have to tell them the truth.

People tend to think that doing drag and homosexuality are the same, but they are not always. A great many cross-dressing males have been straight, including some famous ones. This contributor does not understand it either, but sees no great harm in it.

slang + drag = drag queen, transgender______________It doesn't always mean that. If someone says "what a drag," it means that they aren't happy about the situation... perhaps the idea that a person or an idea is "dragging" your feelings down a little.In "drag queen" it refers to dressing "in drag" which means men dressing up like women, and often taking on a female persona for performances. And often it doesn't have anything to do with transgender issues.

I don't know if that exists.

transvestic fetishism, or cross-dressing

Sure is any guy can do it

its to dress in all black and ripped jeans or clothes that u dont really care what people think of. mopst emo boys dress in drag . dressing in drag is just a prase to say that yoyr being your slef by dressing in ripped but good in your mind clothing

There are different names depending on the extremity. Some are called cross-dressers, some drag queens, etc.

What a girl wants Just My Luck A Cinderella Story White Chicks(cross dressing) Hot Chick (cross dressing)

by applying hydrocarbon or fluorocarbon wax to the bottom of the skis for frictional drag, and doing a thing called a "tuck" to reduce cross sectional area, which reduces wind drag. The skier will go faster and have more thrust.

No. Cross dressing has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

By not cross-dressing in public, and not telling anyone...

Transvestism (also called transvestitism) is the practice of cross-dressing, which is wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Transvestite refers to a person who cross-dresses; however, the word often has additional connotations.

It's not very common. But does happen, it's called cross-dressing.

drag the little square on lower right so that the arrow cursor changes to a + cross.

It's when a boy puts on girl's clothes.

ofcourse not .. it is so disgusting

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