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Its weave and the fact that it is made of various materials... including a heavy-weight cotton.

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Q: Why is denim such a strong fabric?
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What are the advantages of denim fabric?

The advantages of denim is Its strong and easy to clean.

Is denim a strong fabric?

YES it is of course it is but it depends on what style it is like a denim jacket they are very strong.

Why is denim so strong?

Denim is strong because of its tight, thick weave of cotton. The fabric was originally marketed to those building the Transcontinental Railroad, a job which was very hard on your clothes.

What is a strong and breathable fabric?

A strong and breathable fabric is canvas, as is denim.

Why is Denim a good fabric?

because it is

What kind of fabric is denim?


Disadvantages of denim?

The Characteristics of Denim Fabric are: 1) It is for long wearing 2) It is hard wearing 3) It is very strong and durable 4) It resists snags and tears 5) It creases easily

What is a sentence with denim in it?

Example sentence - We recovered the big pillows with a denim fabric.

Are denim and jean the same?

No. Denim is a type of fabric. Jeans are a type of clothing.

What is Demin made from?

Denim is a fabric. It was originated in France. French name of the fabric is converted in American word, denim. It is cotton twill textile.It is also known by the name 'jeans'. Denim fabric is usually used for work clothes. It gives comfort ness. It is durable also. Generally, mechanics and painters wear the work clothes made by blue denim. Denim fabric is unique in colour i.e. blue. It is woven with fine white warp threads and little bit heavier blue weft threads. The weave structure is twill. Because of the twill weave, fabric is very strong. In the traditional denim the blue weft is dyed with Indigo. Now days denim is woven with stretch threads for the change in the fabric. Denim is highly popular fabric due to its hardwearing nature. Denim jackets, jeans, long skirts, pleated minis and shirts are available in the market. It does not require frequent washing and hence most of the people like it.

Which fabric will burn faster cotton or denim?

Denim, 5.0 sec, since Denim is made out of cotton, it's closely woven it will burn more slowly. The lighter the fabric, the looser the weave.

What is in the fabric of Levi Jeans?

The answer you seek is denim.