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It is no longer a rapidly growing field; it used to be but it got saturated.

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Q: Why is desktop publishing a rapidly field?
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What is the importance in desktop publishing?

The importance of desktop publishing?

When was Desktop Publishing Magazine created?

Desktop Publishing Magazine was created in 1985.

Where can one find some desktop publishing tutorials?

One can find tutorials for desktop publishing in a few places. Several websites about desktop publishing have tutorials. Adobe FrameMaker is desktop publishing software that would have tutorials packaged with it.

How do I begin desktop publishing?

The best way to begin desktop publishing is to visit a Community College, University or a Business College or school. Enroll in classes for desktop publishing.

When did desktop publishing begin?

Desktop publishing has been around since 1985. Since the rise of home computers, desktop publishing has become more and more popular.

What is the differences between desktop publishing and web publishing?

Desktop publishing is publishing it only on your computer, so that only you are able to see it. Web publishing is so that everyone can see it.

What is a best practice for producing documents with a desktop publishing program?

One of the most-useful practices for effective use of desktop-publishing software is that of using both word-processing and desktop-publishing software in the overall process of creating a desktop-publishing project.

What are desktop publishing applications?

A Desktop Publishing Application is the proper term for publishing programs on your computer. For example, Microsoft Publisher 2007 is a DPA.

What type of projects would you complete with desktop publishing software?

Desktop publishing software can be used to publish websites. Desktop publishing software is great for the creation of any page of a website.

Who formed desktop publishing?

Paul Brainerd formed Aldus to create a desktop publishing program called PageMaker.

What is a desktop publishing program?


What is the Desktop publishing acronym?


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