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It is not helpful to claim that doctors are better than farmers; farming is an honorable profession and one upon which everybody, including doctors, depends, since we all need to eat. It is also true that it is much easier to learn how to farm, than to become a doctor. Medicine is a more skilled profession. Also, generally more highly paid.

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It is not helpful to say doctor are better than farmer because farming is an honour able professional

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Why is a doctor is more important than a farmer?

A doctor is more important than a farmer because doctor do help us when ill.

Is the farmer better than a medical doctor?

We need both farmers and doctors to remain healthy. Also, there are quite a few other professions that we need to carry on a healthy society - like teachers, policemen, businesspeople, etc. Discussions about what profession is more important seem to me quite idle, and will only tend to cause conflicts. Thus, we can say that a farmer is not better than a doctor, nor is a doctor better than a farmer.

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Why is a doctor important than a farmer?

A doctor is more important than a farmer because doctor do help us when ill.

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