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Frayed cables/wires can cause fires.

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Q: Why is frayed cable dangerous?
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Why is a frayed cable dangerous?

Frayed cables can be highly dangerous. If they are weight bearing cables, the fray can cause a loss of integrity and failure of the cable. The fray itself can cause punctures and lacerations. If the cable is carrying any charge, the fray can result in a failure of the insulation and possible electric shock.

Why is frayed power lead regarded as dangerous?

Why is a frayed power lead regarded as dangerous

Why are frayed wires dangerous?

Lick them and find out.

Why does 1994 ranger speedometer shutter?

A worn or frayed speedometer cable will make the speedometer shouter. As the speedometer cable becomes more frayed the speedometer will eventually quit working.

How do you repair a coax cable that has been chewed on by a puppy?

Assuming that there is no break in the cable , the repair can be made with electrical tape encircling the frayed section of cable .

According to PMCS procedures the ignition cable should be checked for?

both frayed insulation and damaged connections

What would cause the cruise control on a 1998 Ford Explorer to stop working?

my control cable frayed....

Can a clutch cable on a Kawasaki ninja ex250 be repaired?

If the cable is frayed or has already snapped, you will need to replace it. There's no amount of duct taping or super gluing that can save this one.

If I am still using a very outdated cash register are there safety concerns that could be remedied by updating it?

Not really unless the cable is frayed.

When was Frayed created?

Frayed was created in 2003.

How to shorten Hood cable that has been stretched and hood will not open?

Replace the cable with a new one. Cables don't stretch unless they are frayed somewhere. It's going to break sooner or later.

Why is your ktm 125 sx throttle cable sticking?

Most likely it is either: 1) dirt or grit inside the cable housing 2) the cable itself is frayed or bent inside the housing. If it is grit you can take the cable off and use a cable luber to clean it out, if it is kinked, toss it and get a new one.

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