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Why is gear accountability important in the marines?


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August 21, 2009 10:53PM

There are many important reasons to be checking your gear constantly to keep proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability as an United States Marine Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. It is your responsibility to always have proper gear accountability at all times and your military ID. Whenever you have a pause through your patrols, raids, or movements you always want to take a quick check to make sure that you have gear as well as everything else that you or your team came with. It is your job to take responsibility and check yourself as well as your othe Marines. Proper gear accountability can range from the most important pieces of gear such as your rifle all the to your tourniquet.

You always want to have serialized gear such as your night vision goggles dummy corded to your body. If your that can be dummy corded is dummy corded to you, will have a lot less chance to loose any of your gear or anything else you are carrying with you. In case that you are moving or running, even if your gear comes absent from the pouch or pocket you are carrying them in they will not come completely off your body. Any serialized gear that you are carrying on your body needs to always be dummy corded to that your self or your flak jacket. That also includes dummy cording the issued gear that is attached to that your rifle directly to your rifle such as your ACOG RCO, AN/PEQ 15. The units and individual Marines to whom this gear is issued are held accountable for maintaining them. Losing a piece of gear could have repercussions ranging from payment for lost property to legal action. In addition to these are other consequences.

In the armed services, a loss of time could mean a loss of life. When not in a combat environment, time spent looking for lost gear detracts from training. An improperly trained Marine in a combat situation could cost lives. Apart from a loss of training time, a Marine without the gear he was trained to use is not very useful. In the Rifleman's Creed, there is a verse that states, 'my rifle without me is useless; without my rifle, I am useless.' This verse illustrates why it is important to know where one's gear is at all times.

Aside from creating an ineffective Marine, lost gear can potentially corrupt a Marine's character. It is a well known fact that Marines never lie, cheat, or steal. Equally infamous is the saying, 'gear adrift is gear a-gift.' A once lost, but now found piece of gear with value ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars is tempting for any man. Hording or selling such gear would cause a moral dilemma for anyone. None-the-less, the recovered gear is government property. Not returning it to the proper authorities could result in legal action if caught.

In order to prevent the former, or any other, consequence of lost gear from occurring we must always keep accountability of our serialized gear. This involves always returning gear to its original resting place.