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A girl will be really nice to you, if she likes you, or either she is a real nice person.

If you want to get her to like you, just continue the friendship and get to know her a little; then add flirting in at the same time.


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If she is Under 12 then: Be nice to her, become friends with her, get really close to her, ask her out, If she says no then do everything she wants and get hott. She should say yes. If she still says no then do something really big for her and do something nice which she likes. She would definitely say yes. Always be nice to her and be really hott. If she's 12-15 then do what teenagers do and get really hott. Or go on youtube and look for a video "how to get a girl who is (how old she is)." Tip: Always be nice to a girl, compliment her and be hott.

Its really easy Im a girl so take it from me, all you need to do is be nice and find out what she really likes. Also remember gifts are always a good idea for accidents- like you embrasing another girl a nice apology and flowers maybe even chocolate will do

Be really nice, smile and flirt.

Being nice is a sign of interest in someone.

if a girl tells you that you smell nice it most likely either means that you really do smell nice or they like you. With a girl you will never know.

First of all always be nice to the girl and you would not have to worry about this and yes she might of wanted more attention but basically be nice. Always be nice and help her out to repay her for your wrong doing.

Of course they do. They know that the nice guy will look after them and look out for them the nice guy will put them first and be considerate towards their feelings he will also do his best to make sure the girl is happy The nice guy is always the best guy to have cause Really nice guys forgive and never stop being nice they always protect girls

you flirt with her and be really nice to her and just be there for her

The girl wants you to be nice to her and show that you really care before she goes out with you. Just be nice and act casual.

nothing really. she just has a nice butt that's it =]

yes,she was a nice jewish girl and she had a really nice knish.

You have really pretty eyes.

Do something nice for her. Flowers always do the trick.

if you think he really doesn't like that girl then steal his heart by always looking great but always be nice but if hes really into the girl then talk to the girl about your feelings and the boy should soon be yours also another tip when they break up ask him or ask a friend to ask him if he still likes you

No but he is engaged, to a really pretty and nice girl!

THE BAD GIRLhey!! you, you, you, all of you.....why are you staring at me ....that was because I'm a bad girl.....a bad girl that helps you always???i know I'm a bad girl,but i know somedayyou'll understandwhy my attitude is like that........

Be really friendly and really mean when you have to. Be nice to everyone and if you see a guy, don't crowd him. And always remember to dress nice!

You can tell if a girl likes you if she talks to you alot. she might also be really nice to you (for no reason at all.) Hope that helps

just be nice, polite, respectful, and ALWAYS yourself.......

noth9ign really just be nice yepp and be yourself....a girl likes someone who it true to you!!

really beautiful girl in the hole universe also the most nice girl in the galaxy

A hunter sweet nice and active girl she is the girl on fire she is really brave to

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