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Because if the glass has finger prints it shows up easily and then they can easily find who the assulter or maybe it has blood on it. There are many possible reasons why forensic scientists use glass.

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Q: Why is glass evidence so important in forensics?
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What type of evidence are fingerprints and footprints?

I don't think evidence is categorized... But..It would depend: if it is a hidden print, it will probably have to be discovered using some kind of chemicals such as luminol or simple things like powder, this meaning it will require forensics. So pretty much: 'Forensic evidence', But if it had nothing to do with discovering it using forensics, well, someone else will have to answer that for you.Added: It is known as PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

Why is blood typing so important to transfusions pregnancy and forensics?

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Is it proper to use the word evidences if so when and how?

No, the noun 'evidence' is an uncountable (mass) noun, a type of aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts.The noun 'evidence' takes a verb for the singular.Examples:The evidence is a fingerprint on the gun. (one fingerprint)The evidence is at the forensics lab. (all of the evidence)

Why are observations skills important to forensics?

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Why are observations skills important to forensics science?

So You Can Smoke More Weed And Find All The Seed Before Your RWT(Roll Weed Time)

Why is it important to preserve evidence at scenes?

So that it can be tested and evaluated and presented in court as the unadulterated evidence of the perpetrators act.

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a forensics technician is a person who works for law enforcement and is committed to their job. They look for evidence that was left behind from the killer. They do test on the evidence and every thing else. you could say that this career is exactly like a C.S.I. agent. so there you go. enjoy your life while you still have it:)

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