Why is glucose soluble in water?

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glucose dissolve because -OH group

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Is glucose soluble in HCl?

Glucose is soluble in the water solution of HCl.

Is glucose soluble?

yes,it is soluble in water

Is glucose soluble in lipids?

No soluble in water

Why is glucose more soluble in water than cyclohexanol?

Glucose is more soluble in water than cyclohexanol because glucose is polar. In contrast, cyclohexanol is mostly nonpolar and therefore less soluble in water.

What is the solubility of table sugar?

It's soluble as it contains glucose. glucose is very soluble in water.

Why glucose is not soluble in petrol but soluble in water?

glucose molecule contains OH groups, which forms hydrogen bonds with OH of water molecules, therefore glucose is soluble in water. however in patrol is an hydrocarbon compounds, glucose is polar and patrol is non polar (so like dissolves only like), glucose in not soluble in patrol.

Is glucose and fat-soluble?

Fat or more widely known as lipids is not soluble to water glucose is soluble in need to be more specific as to what you think they migth be soluble in.

Is C6H12o6 hydrophilic?

Yes, glucose is water soluble.

Is glucose soluble in cold water?

yes. the extent will vary with the temperature of the water

How to separate glucose and chloroform?

Glucose is very soluble in water. Just mix the mixture with and shake it.

Does glucose dissolves in methanol?

Glucose are crystalline, colorless solids that are poorly soluble in both ethanol and methanol. However they are highly soluble in acetic acid and water.

Is glucose soluble in ethanol?

Glucose is sparingly soluble in ethanol. This is because the organic molecules of the ethanol are too large to separate the glucose, unlike water where the water molecules are easily able to dissolve the crystalline structure to react with the -OH groups.

Is glucose soluble in water?

Yes, glucose -- a common monosaccharide, also known colloquially as blood sugar, can easily be dissolved in water.

Is glucose soluble in .95 of ethyl alcohol?

Glucose is soluble in ethanol.

Is glucose hydrophobic?

No. Glucose is not hydrophobic. It is quite soluble in water (hydrophilic), due to its many hydrogen and hydroxyl groups.

Why do plants convert glucose to starch?

Glucose is soluble in water and starch is insoluble in water. So for storage in a rather wet medium such as a plant cell, glucose is changed to insoluble starch. When the plant needs glucose for respiration or other processes it changes the starch back to soluble glucose for transportation in solution through the phloem system.

Is glucose soluble in ether?

Soluble in what? acid, water, gas???? you general people need to make your questions more specific

What dissolves glucose water acetone hexane methyl ether methyl alcohol toluene?

Glucose is easily soluble in water but has a low solubility in methanol.

Why glucose is less soluble in water?

glucose has less solubility than sodium chloride because of the more OH bonds

What are differences between glucose and cellulose?

Both of these are complex sugars, but glucose is water soluble and easily metabolized, but cellulose is water insoluble and is very difficult to metabolize.

Is glucose soluble in acetone?

Not soluble at rm temp., but not sure

Why Glucose molecules aren't able to pass through the phospholipid bilayer?

the lipid bilayer forms a barrier to water soluble substances such as glucose

What converts insoluble starch to insoluble sugar?

Firstly what the end products of the starch converting to glucose are soluble. Starch is converted to alpha glucose monomers by the addition of water to the glycosidic bonds which join the glucose molecules together. This addition of water is a hydrolysis reaction and seperates the glucose molocules form the starch polymer. The enzyme amalayse is responsible for catalysing the break down of starch into SOLUBLE glucose molecules (monomers).

How do you remove glucose from glucose water solution?

That is very difficult because glucose is highly soluble in water, however you could try to crystallize it by boiling off the water until the glucose is saturated, then cooling it to slightly below 0 C (don't worry, the water won't freeze). Then filter the solid that forms.

What solid foods dissolve in water?

sugar, glucose, fructose, table salt, soluble coffee extract