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Your teeth are an important aspect in maintaining nutritional health, and neglect can also cause related health problems from infection or irritation. There are three major areas of dental health.

Bite Alignment (orthodontics)

Your bite is important because it determines how effective your teeth are, and how much pressure is applied to individual teeth by the jaw muscles. Proper alignment avoids pain and tooth damage, and allows all teeth roots a good connection to the blood supply.

Tooth Decay (caries, plaque)

Bacteria in the mouth, which grows in the sticky film called plaque, has the potential to damage teeth and gums. Tooth decay damages the enamel of the tooth, and a plaque buildup along the gums can lead to gum disease (gingivitis).

Bones and Gums (periodontics)

The teeth are a living part of the body. Roots and nerves connect a tooth to its supply of calcium, which replaces worn enamel. Calcium is also necessary for the bones that anchor the teeth. Vitamin C in the diet keeps the gum tissue firm and healthy, further ensuring that teeth have the support they need.

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Q: Why is good dental health important?
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Are discount dental plans worst for the health of one's teeth?

Any type of dental care is important for the health of your teeth. Discount dental care is certainly better than no care at all and many of the plans out there are actually quite good.

How does microbiology apply to dental hygiene?

Microbiology applies to dental hygiene because microscopic organisms can live in your mouth. Dental health is important to your overall health.

How important is external dental health care?

External dental health care is a very important factor when it comes to you health. You should visit your dentist every six months, and by having this it certainly helps. You can find helpful information here:

How is dental health part of a healthy lifestyle?

When your dental health is in good condition, you are more likely to have a better body and healthy lifestyle and oral health is connected with your whole body. Dental health should be maintained properly. There are many hygiene tips and tricks through which one can keep their dental health good. It includes the basic ones like brushing two times a day, flossing teeth everyday, cleaning the mouth properly after every meal, using good quality toothpaste and toothbrush, avoid harmful food and drinks and after also dental cleaning and visits to dentistry from time to time for checkups.

Why is dental health so important?

Dental heath is a sign that you are taking good care of your body inside and out. When you have poor dental health, the bad bacteria in your mouth goes right into your bloodstream and has the potential of causing all kinds of other health problems. Take good care of your teeth because they are the only ones you will get for the rest of your adult life! The same goes for your body. You only get one round.

Is chewing gum good for your health?

Chewing gum is good for dental health. It provides care for the upper and lower gums.

What is preventive dentistry?

A preventive dentistry is a place where a person can get dental care to preventive various dental issues, disease and improve their present dental health and prevent the situation from getting worse. By visiting a preventive dentistry, a person will get good tips to maintain good oral and dental health.

Dental clinics?

Dental issues might arise at any time. Proper dental hygiene and taking care of your dental health is a must. Visiting a dental clinic from time to time is very important as it can help in figuring out the exact issues with your dental health on time and will prevent any future consequences. Normal dental cleaning, screening, medications, hygiene can be dealt with through dental clinics.

Why is a dental health checkup important?

cus otherwise you have no teeth and no one would date you

What is importance of health?

Well, GOOD health is important, not "health". So to answer it from that point of view, good health is important because without it you will die.

What is the point of dental practice?

The point is to ensure good dental health by teaching proper methods of dental care so as to ward off problems, and to repair problems as they occur.

Why is good dental hygiene critical to your health?

Good Dental Hygiene Is VERY Important!!! With good dental hygiene you will be healthier because there are fewer germs in your body to make you sick. Everything you eat goes through your mouth and there for, if your mouth is dirty and full of germs then every time you eat, the germs just get recycled through your body, making you not as healthy. Not having good dental hygiene can keep you sick. Why good dental hygiene is so important to your health? It is because with out it your taste can be impaired and affect the food you eat. If your taste buds aren't clean and your mouth isn't brushed then the food you will eat can have a bad after taste of even a bad taste going down, because it has to contend with the build up in your mouth.Good dental hygiene is not going to hurt you in any way, take three-minutes morning and night to brush and a little extra to floss once daily and you can have a clean mouth with healthy gums and teeth that will last you a lifetime. A part of good dental hygiene is to eat good foods that will be good for your teeth. Not too many sweets, limit the soda, soda sticks to your teeth and starts to build up plaque, which decays your teeth. Use your teeth and take care of them so you can stay healthy. Good dental hygiene is so important to your health.

When was Canadian College of Dental Health created?

Canadian College of Dental Health was created in 1994.

Does brushing twice a day and flossing help maintain good dental health?

Yes, brushing twice a day and flossing daily will help maintain good dental health. Also make sure to see your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

What has the author Ann Felton written?

Ann Felton has written: 'Basic guide to oral health education and promotion' -- subject(s): Dental assistants, Dental health education, Health Education, Dental, Health promotion, Methods

What is the most important factor for good health?

the most important factor for good health is to eat good balance diets always with further exercises.

Take Control of Your Dental Health Care Regime?

If you care about maintaining your teeth, you need to make sure dental health care is not a topic you avoid. Dental health care does not only mean visiting your dentist at least every six months. You also need to take care of your teeth and gums during the rest of the year when you are not visiting your dentist. Make sure you eat nutritious food that is good for the teeth. White sugar and white flour products are not good for the health of your body or your teeth. Dental health care means visiting a good hygienist who knows how to clean teeth, as well as mastering your daily eating habits.

Where can I find out more information about dental implants?

WebMD has a good article that covers the basics on dental implants:, but talk to your dentist for more detailed information.

What has the author Linda M Russell written?

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What are the Duties of an Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienist works as a advice provider to the dentist. They also provide tips of hygiene to the patients, works in dental cleaning, hygiene maintenance, good oral routine provider to the patients etc.

What special subjects are needed in dental health?

Some of the special subjects needed in dental health include imaging or radiology and dental bridge and affixed work. These subjects include building dental appliances.

Can diabetes be prevented by trips to the dentist?

No. While seeing your dentist IS an important part of maintaining your health, there are several different causes for diabetes that have no connection to your dental health.

Which companies offer competitive rates for dental health insurance in Toronto?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

Do all insurance plans include health eye and dental care?

Usually dental and vision are separate policies from health.

What has the author J McGaughey written?

J. McGaughey has written: 'Dental health education in relation to the dental health of the community'