Oral Health and Dental Care

Why is good dental health important?

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September 01, 2012 4:29AM

Your teeth are an important aspect in maintaining nutritional health, and neglect can also cause related health problems from infection or irritation. There are three major areas of dental health.

Bite Alignment (orthodontics)

Your bite is important because it determines how effective your teeth are, and how much pressure is applied to individual teeth by the jaw muscles. Proper alignment avoids pain and tooth damage, and allows all teeth roots a good connection to the blood supply.

Tooth Decay (caries, plaque)

Bacteria in the mouth, which grows in the sticky film called plaque, has the potential to damage teeth and gums. Tooth decay damages the enamel of the tooth, and a plaque buildup along the gums can lead to gum disease (gingivitis).

Bones and Gums (periodontics)

The teeth are a living part of the body. Roots and nerves connect a tooth to its supply of calcium, which replaces worn enamel. Calcium is also necessary for the bones that anchor the teeth. Vitamin C in the diet keeps the gum tissue firm and healthy, further ensuring that teeth have the support they need.