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Q: Why is government funding of research so important?
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Should the government fund stem cell research?

This is a great question, but ouch! This is a hot topic and some people are for it and some are not. People as a whole need to do more research on the matter as I have and found that some people think scientists are killing fetus'. They use the after birth as well and the umbilical cord. One can't make a genuine decision when it would help so many people with MS, etc., without knowledge. If science can keep it's moral standards up then there is no reason the government shouldn't dip into their over abundance of money in their coffers and fund stem cell, BUT organizations should also take up the beat and not put the heavy load on the government alone.AnswerAlthough some people are for stem-cell research and some are against it that has nothing to do with whether or not the government should fund it. If there were advances to be made the private sector would be pouring money into research. Not to mention that the role of the government is not for funding this type of thing. The founding fathers are probably turning around in their graves. Government is getting way too big. They should run the military, the highway system etc.

Why was the creation of parliament so important?

It's kind of government that lead by the prime minister not the king. It's also even the king cannot lead the government cos government is voted by citizen.

Why is the 17th amendment so important?

The 17th Amendment is important as it gives the people (you and I) the right to select Senators. Without this Amendment the Government could select Senators based off their own needs, which could lead to corruption.

Why is it important for scientists to report who funds their work?

It is important for scientists to report who funds their work because it ensures transparency and prevents potential conflicts of interest. Knowing who funds the research allows other scientists and the public to assess the objectivity and reliability of the results. It also helps to mitigate any biases or undue influence that could compromise the integrity of the research.

Why are the la brea tar pits so important?

The La Brea Tar Pits preserved the bodies of thousands of animals, mainly during the Ice Age. It allows us to research the bodies of these animals.

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Why is govermmental funding of research important?

Research needs funding. Sometimes it can be got from private of commercial sources, but sometimes it can't. Getting it from the government is another source available. In some instances the results of the research could in some way be of use to the government, so there are benefits to them spending money on research.

Are recycling centers funded by the government?

Yes they are, they get funding from the government. The conservatives are cutting funding though. so there will be less funding available. Its a shame really.

What is the connection between government funding and science programs in public schools?

They are public schools, so the government funding allows the science programs to be run and taught.

Who is eligible for business funding?

Some federal government grants are available to small businesses. But heres the catch "federal grants for businesses are typically aimed at specific industries and targeted causes identified by the government, such as scientific and medical research, conservation efforts, and so on.

Why do so many large companies change to a public company?

The government buys or starts funding them. A 'public' business is run or funded by the government.

Was Charles Babbage able to secure government funding?

yes, initially on the difference engine. but he did so bad on the contract that they withdrew funding and refused any more for other projects.

Is government contribution to NPS is taxable?

Please rephrase your question so that I may be of assistance to you. Government funding of most things are not taxable but I don't really know what you mean by NPS. Are you referencing the National Park Service. Funding of Government Agencies such as the National Park Service would not be taxes as the government agency does not pay taxes themselves. Please explain so I can help you.

What is School Funding?

It is the process in which the government pays schools so that they can give their students more opportunities to learn and expand their interests.

Why does the National Government maintain the armed forces?

So there is proper funding, and with all of the wars going on today our army is needed.

Why is it important to research a medical career?

so you can get paid

Why is random sampling so important for research?

sampling is very important for researcher

Why did the government set crop prices so high during ww1?

More crops for soldiers, increased funding for spending. Coffman?