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Why is hatching used in construction industry drawings?

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If I understand your question, hatching is a drawing technique in which the hatching lines are used to delineate and highlight the "cut" "faces" of a cross section of a construction component. j3h.

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What types of drawings are used in construction?

Tom the cat

Why hatchings and symbols are used in construction drawings?

cus if you draw drawings then you draw draweings alot more often

What does working drawings and detail drawings mean?

Working drawings are usually drafts used in construction or design. Detail drawings are drafts done that highlight or enlarge a smaller part of a component.

What are the 3 types of paper used for construction drawings?

lined,toilet and plan

What is tender drawing in construction?

Drawings that are used for estimating/pricing the cost of the building to be constructed.

How is geometry used in the construction industry?

geometry is used in construction by using angles, paralell lines and ect.

What are today's uses for calcium?

It is used in cement industry. Also used in medical industry to make plaster of Paris. Mainly used in the construction industry.

Why is sacrificial metal used on the construction industry?

the reason that that they use thattype of metal is that its cheaper

What is CAD used for?

C.A.D -- Computer Aided Design. A CAD system can be used to create diagrams for an item that is going to manufactured. The designs can than be changed into a program for a CNC machine to run from to manufacture a product. CAD helps manufactours produce design products at a quicker rate and at higher standard. CAD is used by architects to create floor plans which are in turn used by engineers to create construction drawings for electrical power, mechanical HVAC and structural steel. These drawings are used by construction companies that do the actual building construction.

Why is iron used in the construction industry?

it is used because iron is very strong and it comes at a very cheap price.

Is mortar an adhesive?

Yes, mortar is an adhesive material. It is used as a binding material in construction industry.

What are mortars?

Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand and water. It is used as a binding material in construction industry.

What industry are mini diggers used in?

Mini diggers are used primarily in the construction industry. Mini diggers are available for rental and sales from many companies, both online and locally.

What is the use of the mortar?

Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand and water. It is used as a binding material in construction industry.

What is the function of a mortar?

Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand and water. It is used as a binding material in construction industry.

What is cost value reconciliation in construction industry?

its a method used in construction of recording the profitability of a project at a regular basis. normally once a month, pending on the size of the project.

What has the author Aamir Anjam Sheikh written?

Aamir Anjam Sheikh has written: 'Construction control processes documentation: An analysis of techniques and software used in construction industry'

Who uses orthographic drawings?

It is excessively used in engineering and technical drawings.

What is energy R-factor?

The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry.

What instrument measures perimeter?

A tape measure is an instrument that measures perimeter. This can be used in the construction industry to measure a room.

What is aluminuim used for?

Aluminum has many uses. It can be used for transportation, packaging, construction, electrical purposes, the medical industry, cookware, and much more.

What is a red-line drawing?

A red-line drawings is essentially an intermediate drawing that shows corrections or changes to a previous drawing. The term red line literally comes from the (typically) red pen used to amend the drawings by hand. These changes mark-ups show changes made to the drawing subject matter during the manufactuer or construction of the product. For example, piping drawings were developed at the onset of a project to build a new school. During the course of construction for that school, the piping contractors changes several elements of the design (pipe size, routing, orientation etc). At the end of the project, the constructor would "red line" the drawings showing those changes. Red-lines are used to then develop record drawings. Record drawings, also called "as-builts" accurately reflect what was constructed and are used for future work and/or reference.

What is a Komatsu Excavator used for?

Komatsu Excavators are primarily used for work in the construction industry. They enable to remove and relocate dirt when foundations are to be built for building.

What is a Para Bolt?

It is a post-installed anchor used in the construction industry. Similar to a molly-bolt.

What is a Tapco Pro 19 Siding Brake used for?

A Tapco Pro 19 Siding Brake is a tool used in the construction industry to process hard wear resisting materials during construction process. It can help cutting, bending hard materials on site during the construction process.

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