Why is hygiene important for sports people?

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it is important because without water in your system you can dehydrate and loose consciousness
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What is the importance of hygiene?

If you go out somewhere you don't want people talking behind your back plus it keeps us from diseases and different sickness.

Why is mental hygiene important?

Answer . I'm not entirely sure of your question; you may have some specific kinds of activities that you are calling mental hygiene. But in a general sense, you are talking about a balanced life. Any and every aspect of life impacts the mental state. The idea is that thoughts feelings and action ( Full Answer )

Importance of hygiene?

Hygiene and Good Habits are commonly understood as prevention methods against infection. In broader call scientific terms, hygiene is the maintenance of health and healthy living. Hygiene ranges from personal hygiene in domestic realm to occupational hygiene and public health. Hygiene involves heal ( Full Answer )

Why is hygiene important?

It is very important because hygienic food makes us healthy and keeps us away form different diseases. Well taking care of your body is important. Good hygiene equals good health. Hygiene is a practice that serves to preserve health. You also also get a lower risk of getting sick. If you don't take ( Full Answer )

Why is hygiene in salon important?

To help protect your clients, and the employees as well. You want to prevent cross infection and other things.

What is the importance of hygiene interms of cooking?

Hygiene is very important in cooking. Essential, is more the word.. If you have long hair, tie it up securely.. You must not lick your fingers, nor put back in the pan a spoon you've used to taste.. Keep raw and cooked meat separate, and keep all meat separate from other ingredients. This applies ( Full Answer )

Why is personal hygiene important?

Person hygiene is important because it can help you keep yourself healthy. For example when you wash your hands your washing off germs that could harm you. Secondm taking a shower; taking a shower not only makes you smell good, but it also cleans out your pores! So persnol hygiene is important for a ( Full Answer )

Did the Romans find hygiene important?

· Romans were very clean and they learned a lot form the Greeks. · They built aquaducts to carry water from one place to another. They built 9 aquaducts all together. · They also built public toilets. They sat round a stone bench which had holes cut out of it and water flowed underneat ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of food sanitation and hygiene?

It's important to remain clean when cooking food. All food must be within its sell by date and stored correctly, so as not to go off and breed bacteria. If you do not stay hygienic in the kitchen, it can cause possible illness.

Why is hygiene important in hospitals?

Hygene in hospitals is essential is it stops the spread of infection and unwanted bacteria passing from patients to staff and vise versa.

Importance of hygiene in food production?

Food Safety and Hygiene are important things in a food production company to ensure proper cleanliness, proper serving and cooking of foods, and to prevent bacteria or food-borne diseases. Employees working in a food production company must take Food Safety Training for them to understand different ( Full Answer )

Why is hygiene important to the society?

Hygiene is not tecnically important to society....it is simply a requirement to be accepted in society...However having hygeine is a good thing and will probably lengthen your life...Having bad hygeine can lead to problems including diseases while simply taking care of yourself while not overdoing i ( Full Answer )

Why is food hygiene important?

It is important to ensure that whatever goes into your body is good for you in order to increase your lifetime and improve your health.Food hygiene also prevents stomach infections and body illnesses. It is also a way to fight other diseases that make the body weak. It provides the body with the nec ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to practice personal hygiene?

It is important to practice personal hygiene because practicing proper hygiene make us feel comfortable in what we are doing.It make us easy to do things because we are comfortable. It also help us to have a proper grooming.It also make us healthy because in proper hygiene we are making our self cle ( Full Answer )

Why is hand hygiene important?

Many (?most?) disease vectors (Bacteria, viruses) are spread by contact, and most interpersonal contact is via the hands.

Why is nutrition important to sports people?

nutrition is important to sports people because they want to be healthy and have strong bodies so that they can compete effectively. they need to have strong immune systems so they don't get sick, so they do not eat unhealthy food that may affect their health. Does that answer your question? you're ( Full Answer )

What is it important for the teenagers to be hygienically?

Be hygienically not only important for teenagers, but it's important for everyone. If you not clean, and you play w/ someone that clean, do you think that person want to play w/ u? Do u think your girlfriend or boyfriend want to kiss u if u not even brush your teeth? Teenager is a grown up person, b ( Full Answer )

Why is water important for hygiene?

water is important for hygiene because when you need either a bath or shower you always have water to clean yourself.

Why is hygiene important in beauty saloon?

Some diseases spread like wildfire. Most people does not even knowthat they are a carrier of a disease until it breaks out. The visitors at a beauty salon can very well have serious diseaseswithout knowing it. By having a high hygienic standard in a beautysaloon you not only minimize the risk of tra ( Full Answer )

Why is hygiene important in spa?

Many different people attend spas and since many spa treatments often require partial or full nudity, it is important for the surfaces of anything that is touched to be thoroughly cleansed. Many diseases can be spread through germs left behind just from contact with infected skin. In a place wher ( Full Answer )

What are six points of hygiene that are important of sports people?

I doubt the legitimacy of the below answer, because one main one has not been mentioned. Athletes foot (Dhobie itch) is a problem for some athletes for obvious reasons, so take care regarding this. Also, if grappling is involved, you cannot account for skin. fungal or bacterial infections could be t ( Full Answer )

Importance of hygiene and sanitation in restaurant?

I'd say on a scale of 1-10 about 8. For one thing, if you don't have good hygiene and sanitation in a restaurant it might make costomers sick make them not want to come back to the restaurant.

What is the importance of hygiene in the kitchen?

The importance of hygiene in the kitchen is obvious, number 1: so you don't get bacteria in the food number 2: so you're safe from bacteria and number 3: there is no number three so don't worry about it. :)

What is the importance of hygiene in sports?

The importance of hygiene in sports is to lessen the impact of diseases or infection. For example, if football gear isn't cleaned properly then you can get infections from it. Another important factor to consider is that you may not be able to perform.

Why is hygiene good after sports?

Hygiene practices prevent or minimize disease and the spreading of disease in home and in everyday life settings such as social settings, public transport, the work place, public places, gym etc. Personal hygiene practices include: seeing a doctor, seeing a dentist, regular washing/bathing, and ( Full Answer )

Why is hygiene in kitchens important?

There is an old saying, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Meaning that it is just as important to keep yourself and your environs clean as it is to be a Godly person. Cleanliness in the kitchen helps prevent the spread of disease. Salmonella, listeria, and other food borne illnesses start in th ( Full Answer )

Is it important to have food hygiene and safety?

Yes, because it will help you not to become ill and get serious diseases from the food you are eating. Without food safety you could cut yourself, make a fire, or hurt another person that is a bystander. Hygiene is extremely important for many of the same reasons. For instance, if you don't wash you ( Full Answer )

Why is good oral hygiene important?

Its always good to keep up! If you don't, all of your enamel is destroyed, teeth fall out, gingivitis and an infection can spread in your gums. Plus, not to mention bad breath.

Why the food hygiene and safety is important?

Mainly to prevent food poisoning, but also to prevent physical, environmental and chemical contamination, and in relation to catering having upmost customer satisfaction.

Why is being hygienic is important in hospital?

Hygiene is important in hospitals to reduce the chance of infectious diseases developing and/or spreading, as well as to improve patient comfort (clean sheets etc.).

Why was it important for the Romans to be hygienic?

Actually, the Romans DID NOT bathe to much, they though it would make them more likely to get a disease, in a way this was true; when Romans bathe they would go to a large bath, kind of like a swimming pool, to bathe as a community. So if they DID do this to often, it would make them have a higher r ( Full Answer )

Why was it so important for the Romans to be hygienic?

If disease broke out Rome would have been crushed. Their entire economic and government structure was based upon conquering of foreign lands. The more land they conquered the more land they would have to conquer. If people got sick and couldn't fight Rome would have collapsed on itself even sooner t ( Full Answer )

Why personal hygiene is important for an interview?

It's because people look for anything that might tell them what kind of person you are. Whether you have good manners and good morals, are clean body-wise(which implies that you might be a clean/neat/organized/etc person, and that you might also have a clean & neat home), etc. It also tells them tha ( Full Answer )

Why is feminine hygiene so important?

'cause you ion want to be stank around people and get made fun of cause you stink so handle your personal things before you leave home

How important personal hygiene in cooking?

Very important. If you have long hair, tie it back. Always wash you hands before starting, and wash them frequently while cooking. If you scratch an itch, you should wash your hands again. Your hands touch everything and there are lots of germs and bacteria everywhere, so wash your hands frequently ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of public hygiene?

Failures of public hygiene, particularly those involving contaminated water, lead to outbreaks of disease, which can become very serious and affect large numbers of people.

How important is industrial hygiene?

Industrial hygiene is important for the safety of the workers as well as the populations surrounding them as well as the industrial area. Industrial hygiene could be anything from monitoring dust particles to air pressure.

Why is hygiene in the kitchen so important?

Well for one thing people can get sick, FDA will be involved ifnecessary if it where a business. bugs with fly around, attractrodents and part of your house/ business will start to rot andsmell. so yeah it's the serious.

What is the importance of maintaining proper hygiene?

Not only is it important for you to be able to relate to otherpeople (no one wants to talk to someone with terrible BO or badbreath) hygiene is arguably the most important infection controlprotocol. BO and bad breath are caused by the bacteria living onyou, so washing yourself and brushing teeth and ( Full Answer )

What is important with regard to sanitation and hygiene?

Here are some important things: . Wash hands before and after handling food. . Make sure that raw meat does not come into contact withvegetables/fruits. . Always wash vegetables/fruits before eating.