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Q: Why is incineration not favored as a method of waste disposal?
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What method can be used for disposal of infectious waste?


What are the constructive steps towards prevention of environmental degradation?

waste disposal through recycling could be an effective method. incineration of organic waste by converting it to ashes is a constructive way.

What are 4 modes of disposal of waste?

incineration composting landfill open damping

What has the author John Skitt written?

John Skitt has written: 'A staff development handbook' 'Waste disposal management and practice' -- subject(s): Management, Refuse and refuse disposal 'Disposal of refuse and other waste' -- subject(s): Incineration, Refuse and refuse disposal, Sewage disposal

Is Medical waste disposal through incineration is an option?

INCINERATION OF MEDICAL WASTES Yes, you are right. Incineration is one of the options for disposal of medical waste and it is being implemented now a days. In my city, Coimbatore in TamilNadu/India, major hospitals are disposing their medical wastes in an incineration plant put up exclusively for this purpose since municipal corporation denied to collect and dispose the medical wastes generated in private hospitals. All that required attention in the incineration process is not to pollute air!

What has the author Matthew Gandy written?

Matthew Gandy has written: 'Recycling and the politics of urban waste' -- subject(s): Case studies, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Incineration, Economic aspects of Recycling (Waste, etc.), Economic aspects of Refuse and refuse disposal, Economic aspects of Waste products as fuel, Incineration, Recycling (Waste, etc.), Refuse and refuse disposal, Waste products as fuel 'The environmental debate'

Which method is often used in disposal of medical waste?


How do you disposing of contaminated materials?

The contaminated materials must be placed in designated containers or boxes before being taken to waste disposal site for incineration.

what is waste management system and why is it important?

What is a Waste Management System? A waste management system is the strategy an organization uses to dispose, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste. Possible waste disposal methods are recycling, composting, incineration, landfills, bioremediation, waste to energy, and waste minimization. As for waste management, it is the measures utilized to manage waste in its entire life cycle, from waste generation to disposal or recovery.

What is the meaning of incineration?

The meaning of incineration is the burning of waste materials in a furnace.

What is the common method of liquid waste disposal?

Putting it down a drain.

What is meant by incineration for what purpose it is used?

Incineration is burning up waste products.