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indentation is good for all programming languages

1) it shows levels of nesting, nested if statements , for loops, etc

2) anyone reading your code can tell whats executing inside of what

3) It shows scope. If everything is indented you know the scope of variables

4) Easier to read

5) Better programming sense

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How carefully does the compiler pay attention to indentation in c?

The compiler does not pay any attention whatsoever to indentation in C and C++.

What do mean by non executable statement in c progaming?

A label, perhaps, could be considered as such.

What are the types of .NET?

progaming for . net

What does indentation mean in programming?

what is indentation in java. how many types of Indentation are used in java ??

Why indentation is important in java?

To make the program more readable and easy to debug the problem.

What is mild indentation of the ventral cord?

what is mild indentation of the cervical

What is an indentation of shore called?

An indentation of the shoreline is a cove or bay.

Why is it necessary to use indentation and space in java statement?

The Java compiler doesn't need this, and in fact doesn't care. It is important to improve the readibility of the program for human programmers. Even with correct indentation, interpreting a computer program can be confusing. Without proper indentation and spacing, it will be much, much worse.

How do you use indentation in a sentence?

Example sentence - The next paragraph requires indentation.

How do you make a sentence with indentation?

The puppy's bite left a tiny indentation in my arm.

Use 'indentation' in a sentence?

"The indentation of the margins were so large, that the Professor immediately knew that the ten pages in his hand were closer to six." "The brass knuckles left an horrid indentation upon the forehead of the man."

How do you convert Rockwell b scale to c scale?

You dont. Minimum C is about maximum B. And the indentation is different. Even if you could convert it, the results would not be accurate.

Why is there an indentation in the bottom of wine bottles?

The indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle, the punt, strengthens it.

What is an indentation?


What is the difference between alignment and indentation?

Indentation= selected area Alignment= first line of a paragraph

How carefully does the compiler pay attention to indentation?

Indentation is indifferent for the compiler, except for language Python.

When x is 9 and y is 11 and when x is 11 and y is 9 Note that the compiler ignores the indentation in a C program?

if(x 9) { }

What is a chin indentation?


What is indentation of shore?


Is indentation of shore?


A depression or indentation?


What is the need for indentation in while writing a c plus plus program?

Indenting is a good habit to inculcate while writing any type of code Although indentation is not mandatory and will never affect the working of your programme in C++ it makes the code more easy to read and debug especially for larger programmes. Most IDE's eg eclipse automatically indent the code as you type.

What is ABAP in SAP?

It's a high level programming language used in SAP

What do you understand by the word indentation in programming language?

Indentation means to represent the coding in a readable format. for example: void main() { int i=0; if(i==0) { printf("%c\n", 'A') } else { printf("%c\n", 'B') } getch(); } the above program is not properly readable cause it don't have indentations like the below one void main() { int i=0; if(i==0) { printf("%c\n", 'A') } else { printf("%c\n", 'B') } getch(); } don't go for what this program is doing, it's just an example.

Wide indentation of a shoreline?