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Why is iron important?

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It's needed to make hemoglobin.

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Q: Why is iron important?
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What is the elements for iron?

the iron is the most important

Why is iron important in the body?

Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying chemical of blood.

Where is iron important in the body?

It is important for the your blood

Why was iron making important to early African civilizaion?

why was iron making important to early African civilizaton?

What is one reason that iron is an important nutrient to include in your diet?

iron is the important. because the iron is the whole note that effects the qeuropin to involve the magic...

Does iron have any important isotopes?

There are several isotopes of iron including the stable atoms of iron-56 and iron-57.

Why is iron very important in present age?

Iron is important to us because steel, which is made from iron, is the basis of most of the structures we build and of the vehicles we ride in on the ground.

How and why is iron important?

Iron is important because it makes steel for steel is made of 98% iron. It is also used in buildings, bridges and other objects that need to be strong.

What does iron do in a plant?

Iron is important for chlorophyll formation, necessary for photosynthesis; and also important for respiration.When insufficient iron is available, the plant may show symptoms of the deficiency such as chlorosis:

Main ore of iron?

The most important minerals for iron are hematite and magnetite.

Is iron seen in its pure form usually?

Pure iron is rarely used; frequently iron alloys or coated iron are more important.

Why is iron ore important?

I have no clue

What is the most important metal?


Why is iron important to bones?

Iron is found in bone marrow. It is an important mineral that forms part of our hemoglobin or red blood cells.

Why iron is important in your body?

iron is most important substance in human body because it is the main thing which is used in the formation of haemoglobin. iron also plays the role in activating the enzymes.

Which mineral is an important source of iron?


What electrolyte is important in hemoglobin production?


What mineral is the most important in California?


Which mineral is important for hemoglobin formation?


Which electrolyte is important in hemoglobin production?


Why are zinc and iron important?

In human or in plant

What are some important uses for Iron?

cars are made of ironthe rods on top of tall buildings are made from ironby a sixth grader

What are the most important of the transition elements?

Iron is the most important of the transition elements.

The mineral hematite is an important source of?

the mineral haematite is an important source of iron.

Why is iron important in a healthy diet?

Without iron you can not create new blood and will become anemic.