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Q: Why is is silver not used as a conductor commonly used although its the best conductor?
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Which metal is the best conductor of electricity silver or iron?

Silver is the best conductor out of the two.

Is a silver bracelet a conductor or insulator?

Silver is the best conductor there is, no matter what it is made into.

Is a silver spoon a insulator?

No, its a conductor in fact silver is the best conductor

What type of metal is best conductor?

Silver is the best conductor

Silver or aluminum best heat conductor?

Silver is a better heat conductor.

Is metal the best conductor of heat and electricity?

Silver or Argentum (Ag)The best conductor of heat and electricity is silver.

Is diamond the best conductor?

No, Silver is.

Is steel the best conductor of electricity?

NO. Silver is the best conductor of electricity. (That is why it is used in satellites).

Would a silver coin conduct electricey what kind of bonds does silver have?

Yes a silver coin can conduct electricity, Silver is one of the most commonly used to conduct electricity. Yes, silver is a very good conductor of electricity

Tell the best and worst conductor of electricity?

The worst conductor would be rubber and the best metallic conductor would be silver

What metal is best conductor electricity?

Silver is.

Which is best conductor of heat in matels?