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the change in temp from summer to fall weakens ur immune system, this is one reason.

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Q: Why is it common to get the flu in fall?
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Would a head cold fall under the category of a common cold or the flu?

A head cold falls under the "common cold" category. Typically flu does not cause nasal congestion.

Is the common flu an RNA or a DNA virus?

The common seasonal flu ("regular" flu) is an RNA virus.

How often do you get the flu shot?

Typically you would get the flu shot yearly, in the fall.

For which word is 'flu' a common abbreviation?


How does the flu differ from the common cold?

They are both viruses but the flu is typically more intense. The symptoms are similar but more severe with the flu.

What is the common name for viral gastroenteritis?

"Stomach flu", or the "GI flu".

Do flu shots cover common colds?

No they cover flu (influenza).

What are common viruses?

the flu

What are common sicknesses?


When is the flu season in Pennsylvania?

During fall and winter.

Is vomiting a flu symptom?

nausea, with or without vomiting, is a common symptom of flu

How do you cure fighting cocks flu?

If you want to cure the fighting cocks flu, you are need to get an antibiotic. This flu is common in the Philippines.

Has Justin Bieber ever had the H1N1 illness?

H1N1 is a common virus, e.g. the flu. Since the flu is such a common illness, it is likely that Justin Bieber at some point has had a cold or flu.

What is the common name for influenza?


Common name for influenza?


What are the differences between influenza A and seasonal flu?

Influenza A is a broader category than "seasonal flu" when talking about kinds of influenza viruses. Some types of the seasonal flu are Influenza Type A viruses (others that humans can get are Type B or Type C). When the "seasonal flu" is referred to, it is in reference to the most common strains of flu that are circulating around the world at the current flu season time of year (fall and winter), or are expected by epidemiologists' studies to be the ones coming in the next flu season.

What is the most common communicable disease?

The common cold and flu.

What are some viruses going around?

Stomach flu, Flu, Common cold, and such things.=)

Are there colds in Finland?

Flu is very common in Finland, especially during the flu seasons.

When is someone contagious of the flu?

Mostly around Fall and Winter.

Do you get a fever when you get the Swine Flu?

It is one of the more common symptoms, but every person does not get every common symptom of the flu. See the related question below about the symptoms of H1N1/09 pandemic swine flu.

What are four common viruses?

The common cold, the flu, mumps, measles.

What do Spanish flu and today's bird flu have in common?

they are both bad for you and illnesses that you dont want to get.

How does the flu relate to science?

Flu or influenza is a common disease and related to the field of medicine and biology.

Do flu shots prevent common cold?