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  • It has to do with the odds of it happening by random chance. It's like 1 in a billion which is almost the same as winning the lottery. So if you are statistically able to get bird poop on you, then you should also be able to win the lottery.
  • Somebody came up with the idea that it's good luck because it's so disgusting that there must be something good about it.
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No, it is not good luck.

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Q: Why is it considered good luck if a bird drops poop on you?
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The bird which is considered as a symbol of good luck?

Owl Eagle Dove CRANE PhoeniX STORK RAVEN

What culture considers bird poop good luck?

The Italian culture considers bird poop to be good luck.

What insects are considered good luck?

Crickets are considered good luck in parts of China. Lady bugs are considered good luck in Italy.

Is it good luck to rescue a trapped bird?

It's good Karma, and it will be good luck for you.

Is runng over a bird with your car bad or good luck?

there is no such thing as good/bad luck. so if you run over a bird no bad luck, no good luck. i think i got that cleared up

National bird of South Korea?

South Korea's national bird is the Korean magpie. It was chosen in 1964. In Korea, magpies are considered to bring good luck.

Is a bird dropping a egg on you good luck?

is it good luck if you find a birds egg

Is it good luck if bat bird enters home according to Hindu?

It depends with the type of bird entering the Hindu home. A dove entering a Hindu home is usually considered good omen whereas an owl is usually considered a bad omen.

What the killing of what bird is considered bad luck from sailors?

The Albatross

Is it good luck if a bird lands on you?

No. Luck doesn't work that way. There may be people that think it is good luck.

What does it mean if a bird poops on you?

its good luck

What bird brings good luck?

A dove

What bird gives you good luck?

a dove

Why is it good luck if a bird poos on you?


Is it good luck for a bird to poo on you?

Yes my friend Having bird poo on you is good luck. It is believed among many religions. Thanks Tia

Which insects are considered good luck?

Lady bugs and Dragon flies are considered to be good luck charms.

Is a cat considered good luck for a home?

Well cats are considered good luck for ships, not houses.

How do you know if a bird has bird flue?

You go to the vet, AND get it checked out! Good luck with your new bird

Good luck to find a bird in your car?

No, it's actually bad luck.

What is the national bird of Nigeria?

The Black-Crowned Crane is the national bird of Nigeria. In some places the crane is considered a symbol of good luck. Due to many environmental problems, the Black-Crowned Crane is considered an endangered species.

What does it mean to see a red bird after someone dies?

I Though seeing a red bird meant that you were going to have good luck and money.

What does it mean when a bird lands on the hood of your car?

Means nothing

Is it good luck if a bird poops on you?

Many people consider it good luck, but it's also very messy!

Superstitions about Bird droppings on your head?

I understood it is good luck!

Is it a good luck if bat bird enters home?

I would say that's bad luck.