Why is it dangerous to go out during typhoon?

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A typhoon is any tropical depression with winds faster than 119km/74mph or higher. Typhoons can cause MAJOR flooding. Just look at hurricane Katrina the hit New Orleans, LA, USA. That's not a typical hurricane/typhoon, but still be careful. Do not go out in a typhoon, you could be blown away or flood water will most likely be contaminated with human or animal waste. Only go out if it is an emergency.
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What are typhoons?

A typhoon is a strong, organized tropical storm with a closed circulation, convection, and sustained winds of at least 74 mph that occurs in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator and between 180 degrees and 140 degrees east longitude.

What is a typhoon?

A Typhoon is a name used in east Asia for a hurricane. It is a typeof tropical cyclone occurring in the western regions of the PacificOcean. A typhoon is similar to a hurricane in levels ofdestructiveness. The word typhoon comes from the Chinese termtai-fung meaning great wind. See "What is a cyclon ( Full Answer )

What dangers are there during a mudslide?

Damage to Buildings and Structures Foundations and supports for buildings may fail, leading to shifting, sliding, or collapse. Bridges, tunnels, and roadways can also fail, imperiling motorists or bystanders. Personal Injury Because mud is usually thicker and heavier than water, it can sweep vic ( Full Answer )

What to do during typhoon?

Typhoons bring a variety of health hazards. Always boil waterduring a typhoon, seal food in water-tight containers, and washyour hands often. Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid flyingdebris from strong winds. Do not wade in water, to avoidwater-borne illnesses. Avoid areas that are prone to m ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to swim during a storm?

If lightning strikes and u r in water, then u could possibly get electrocuted. The main reason is that during a storm there is often rain and heavy winds, the rain would generally be colder and could lower your core body temperature if you stayed out in it too long, it would also render it harder to ( Full Answer )

What not to do during a typhoon?

Answer . Do not stay in open spaces, do not drive or walk, do not be near or operate electrical powered devices, look for shelter in well constructed and solid places. .

What do you do before during and after a typhoon?

BEFORE You should listen to radio announcements You should not go outside your house during the typhoon Turn off electronic gadgets Check if all your family members/neighbors are inside their houses AFTER \Check at your window if the typhoon is leaving the area or NOT

Where are dangerous places to be during lightning?

Dangerous places to be during lightning can include: . standing outside . standing outside on or near metal that conduct electricity . outside near trees . in a forest with dry/dead trees . outside in an open field . outside holding anything metal, e.g. keys, rake, shovel, golfclub . half in ( Full Answer )

Are Sweeteners dangerous during pregnancy?

\nNo artificial sweeteners, including sucralose (Splenda) have been proven safe. Not because they've all been proven unsafe - although some have (Aspartame, Saccharin) - but because pregnant women aren't generally amenable to being treated as guinea pigs, the testing population just doesn't exist - ( Full Answer )

How fast does the eurofighter typhoon jet aircraft go?

The Eurofighter Typhoon has two Eurojet EJ2000 turbojets each producing 20,000lbs each. All this gives it a maximum speed of mach2 (about 1500 mph) An EF200 Eurofighter Typhoon can fly at 2,125 kmh, a speed of 1,321 mph The Eurofighter has a top speed of about Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), or 1 ( Full Answer )

How dangerous can a typhoon be?

it's like a tornado destroying everthing in its path similar to a hurricaneand it is possible to cause a flood. They mostly occur over the pacific ocean in warm moist tropical places lik Hawaii and/or Puerto Rico :B.

Is it dangerous to be on a computer during a thunderstorm?

For starters, many people have reported the computer blowing up, because the Hard drive is very sensitive to such High voltage, or the computer could die, same reason as why the computer would blow up, or the computer could be fine, who knows it could well be any of those three things.

What are the precautionary measures during typhoon?

When a typhoon comes, it is essential that you stay calm first.Stay indoors and always tune in to the latest weather report. Heedthe advice of the local authorities if they ask you to evacuateyour area.

Is alcohol dangerous during pregnancy?

"YES! VERY DANGEROUS.." is a common reaction to the question of alcohol beverage consumption during pregnancy although things are rarely so simple as they might first appear. Several important points are worth noting. There is no scientific evidence that drinking in moderation (no more than one d ( Full Answer )

What happens during a typhoon?

A typhoon is a circular storm. In the Atlantic it is called a hurricane. In the Indian ocean, it is a cyclone. The winds rotate counter clockwise around a central "eye" or calm spot. The winds are accompanied by rain. The storm becomes a typhoon when the winds achieve a speed of 63 knots or 63 nauti ( Full Answer )

Which country suffered from the heaviest rainfall during the Typhoon Morakot?

If you are doing that sose quiz online then you should be ashamed of yourself...the quiz is designed to find out how good your research skills are not how well you can cheat....thank goodness no one has answered you.... and for your info i am not cheating either...when i went to do the research for ( Full Answer )

Why Is it dangerous to smoke during pregnancy?

If you smoke during pregnancy it is very likely that your child will be extremely hyperactive and have ADHD. Cigarette smoke contains many poisonous substances, but studies have shown that this hyperactivity is caused by carbon monoxide building up in the baby's blood stream. This reduces the oxygen ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest dangers during earthquakes?

Probably the single largest danger during earthquakes are the collapse of buildings and or falling debris which can cause severe injury or death. Another major danger is the potential for fire and explosion due to damage to underground services such as gas mains as well as damage to gas pipework in ( Full Answer )

What do you do after the typhoon?

After a cyclone has passed, you are advised to stay indoors or in your shelter, waiting for the signal for "all clear" before venturing out. Naturally, once you are outside, you must be aware of the likelihood of fallen power lines. Only go out if it is necessary, as cleanup crews will be working to ( Full Answer )

Why are house blown away during typhoon if windows are closed?

In a strong typhoon or hurricane the winds can carry enough force to directly damage or destroy the roofs and walls of houses. Whether the windows are open or closed will make no difference in a situation like this. The storm surge of a typhoon carries even more force than the wind.

How fast can a typhoon go?

The Eurofighter Typhoon of the Royal Air Force has a top speed of MACH 2 which is the same as 2495 kmph . A meteorological typhoon is a tropical storm which has developed sustained winds of 64 knots (74 mph; 119 km/h) or more. Severe typhoons have speeds of 80 knots or more, whereas a super typho ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of going into space?

We humans evolved here on Planet Earth; we are the way we are because we're HERE. Going out into space means that we'll have to take our environment with us. That environment includes air (not too much, not too little, and with the right proportions of oxygen and other gasses), water, and food. Th ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous for an American to go to Taiwan?

it is not dangerous for americans to go to taiwan.Taiwan is a verynice place,have cheaper things and cutest clothes,and many chineseand taiwanese food to eat like stinky tofu,boba milk tea,sping roll,also ,my favorite food------hot pot!

What are the best things to do during typhoon?

The best thing to do during typhoon is to ensure that an adequate supply like food, water, first aid kit, and other valuables are prepared. During the typhoon, listen to mobile radio to help you assess the situation. A mobile communication is also important during these times. Luckily some mobile ph ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico dangerous to go to?

It depends. Northern Mexico and its border cities are very dangerous and is not recommended to visit them for whatever reason. Such cities include Juarez, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Chihuahua or Reynosa. On the other hand, central and southern Mexico, including its resort cities are pretty safe to ( Full Answer )

Why is measles dangerous during pregnancy?

Measles during pregnancy is a serious disease, leading to increased risk of a miscarriage or stillbirth. In addition, the mother's illness may progress to pneumonia.

Is it dangerous to go to the Sonoran Desert?

It is only dangerous if you go unprepared with sufficient water andproper clothing and footwear. Also, you should be aware of commonsense safety precautions you need to follow when hiking in thedesert.

How many people die during a typhoon?

The amount of damage done by a typhoon or cyclone depends on many factors, not the least of which is the storm's path. In populated areas, especially in underdeveloped regions, casualties from flooding can become very high. Out of the approximately 1800 deaths during the 2011 typhoon season in the ( Full Answer )

Why is a pool dangerous during a thunderstorm?

Electricity travels fairly easily though water. Therefore, if lightning strike in or near a pool, any one in it has a good chance of being electrocuted.

How are typhoons dangerous?

Typhoons, which are hurricanes in the western Pacific, present anumber of hazards. The produce very strong winds, which can be adirect threat to life and property. The winds also create massiveocean waves and drive seawater onto land, casing destructivecoastal flooding. Even if the typhoon does not ( Full Answer )