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Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Radioactivity, nuclear wastes that will be around for hundred or thousands of years, power plants that can blow up easy if you don't know what you are doing, nuclear material that can be stolen and be used to make atomic weapons. All nuclear power does is to boil water and make steam. There are far easier, less dangerous, or expensive ways to make steam. Restrict nuclear power to aircraft carriers, submarines and deep space satellites that go away from the sun (and out of the range of solar panels).

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Q: Why is it dangerous to use nuclear power to make electricity?
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Is generator used for nuclear energy?

Yes. Nuclear power plants make steam to drive generators, which supply electricity.

What is power plant nuclear power used for?

Power plants generate electricity and the electricity is used just like any other energy source would be, they power cities and make stuff run

How is electricity produced at a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear power is the use of sustained Nuclear fission to generate heat and do useful work. Heat from nuclear fission boils water to make steam, which pushes a turbine. The turbine generates electricity using a magnet through a process called electromagnetic induction.

What factors make nuclear power expensive?

No one has found a way to get rid of nuclear wastes, there is a lot of security dealing with nuclear power, an accident at a nuclear reactor can be dangerous for miles around and for years to come. Except for hydrogen bombs, nuclear fusion power has not been harnessed by people for more than a few seconds. Considering that all a nuclear (fission) power plant does is to boil water and turn it into steam, there are better ways of making electricity than nuclear power (except for submarines and aircraft carriers). Remember Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? That's why nuclear power is so expensive.

What does the steam turbines do in a nuclear reactor?

Primarily, the steam turbines spin the generators, which make electricity. That is the primary objective of a nuclear power plant, to make electricity. There are other steam turbines in a nuclear power plant which are used for various functions, such as High Pressure Coolant Injection and Low Pressure Coolant Injection, which are used during various shutdown and emergency scenarios.

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What is the electricity sources?

power generators or nuclear power can be used to make electricity

What Does The Nuclear Power Plant In Japan Do?

Make electricity.

Is nuclear power unsafe?

Nuclear power reactors are potentially dangerous, we have to make them safe by careful design and operation

How do the three types of power plants make electricity?

Nuclear, coal-fired, and hydroelectric power plants provide electricity.

How do nuclear power plants make electricity?

nuclear fission generates heatheat boils water making steamsteam turns turbinesturbines turn generatorsgenerators make electricity

What factors make nuclear power unattractive as an energy source?

its dangerous

What type of electricity does a nuclear power plant make?

nuclearly formulated energy

What is a drawback of nuclear power?

it is really, really dangerous and once the stuff to make the power has been used it can stay dangerous for hundreds of years!

Is generator used for nuclear energy?

Yes. Nuclear power plants make steam to drive generators, which supply electricity.

Do nuclear power plants make electricity from fossil fuel?

No. Nuclear power plants use a uranium to provide the heat to generate electricity from. By splitting the nuclei of uranium atoms (called nuclear fission), energy is released, which will be used for electricity generation. Uranium is a radioactive metal, not a fossil fuel.

Is nuclear and peat burned to make electricity?

nuclear energy gets the power from the atoms getting split that's nuclear but i don't know what peat is sorry

How the UK make electricity?

The majority of he UK's electricity is generated by coal or gas-fired power stations. We also use nuclear power, wind and wave generators.