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its fun cuz its awesome and it has cool graphics. i also learnt how to draw cool anime people by reading manga! ^^

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Where is the best website to read manga?

Mangafox is great but some of the books have been licensed and discontinued on the site. You will get information if you search on "read manga online free" and you will get a bunch of websites. Have fun!

What courses do you need to take to become a manga artist?

none, if you are a somewhat good drawer with a fun/inserting story to tell you can be a manga artist read this manga and you will see what i mean

Where can you read the Soulless manga?

read soulless manga

Is manga bad?

Nope, its really fun to read! Try reading... (this is a Korean manga (manhwa) so read from right to left instead of left to right) LOL! that's a lot, but if you start to like it, it will be okay! :D

Were can you read the Pokemon manga online?

you can read it on one manga.

Where can free hack manga be read online?

To read manga online for free go to and then go to manga list and pick which manga you wanna read.

Where can you read naruto comics?

You can read all the chapters of the manga in manga animea or manga fox.

Where do you read Japanese manga?

you can read Japanese manga anywhere at the library or you can order Japanese manga

Where can you read a completed naruto manga?

On the internet try or they're free and complete. Have fun

Where could one read Manga online for free?

Manga Fox is a website with free manga to read online. You can also read at Unix Manga, Manga Volume and Any Manga if you would prefer alternative sites.

Where can you read ultraman manga manga online and watch their anime?

You can watch manga on and, and you can read manga on

Where can you find anime books to read online?

"Anime books" are called manga. You can read it at Manga Hit, Manga Fox, Manga Here, Manga Park, etc. You can search up "read Manga online". Hope this helps :)

Where can Sailor Moon manga be read online?

you can read the manga on

Where can you read anime?

Anime is watched, manga is the type that is read. You can read manga on sites like... *mangafox *animea *manga traders *

Where can someone read Manga Naruto online for free?

There are many websites where one can read Manga Naruto for free. "Mangafox", "Manga Here", and "Manga Panda" are three of the websites where one can read Manga Naruto for free.

Where can you read Spiral manga online for free?

You can read Spiral manga on

Why does Manga read left to right?

That's how they read, and that's where manga is made

Where can 'After School Nightmare' manga be read in e-book form?

this manga can be read for free at either manga fox, one manga or zen manga :)

Where can 'Inferior Male' manga be read in e-book form?

There are several place "Inferior Male" manga can be read in eBook form. It can be read for free at Manga Fox, One Manga, or Zen Manga.

Where can dragon bal z manga be read online?

You can read the manga at this website;

Where can you read the manga your heavenly hockey club in online manga website?

You can read it at .

Were can i read manga for free?

you can read manga online for free at lots of places, just to name a few; onemanga, mangahut, mangasharejust search "read manga online" in google.Hope i helped =)i just google free manga and it sent me to manga fox you could read all the manga you want for free.

Why does traditional manga read from right to left and why does modern manga reads from left to right?

The only manga that read from left to right are "manga" originally published in a language that's read from left to right (i.e., English,) and Japanese manga that are "flipped" by a publisher for publication in a language that's read from left to right. Even "modern" Japanese manga are read from right to left.

Where can you read translated Earthian manga on-line for free?

you can read translated Earthian manga at

Where to read free gundam manga?

Manga Fox.