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It needs heat and pressure to convert graphite into diamond due to the requirement to rearrange the atoms making up one structure into the arrangement required in the other. This makes it an industrially challenging process in order to be a cost effective method.

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Graphite and diamond are both allotropes of carbon. One is not made from the other, but both are formed from carbon.

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Q: Why is it hard to convert graphite into diamond?
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What is the difference between charcoal graphite and diamond?

Diamonds are very hard, and graphite is very soft.

Can diamond convert to graphite and vice versa?

Diamond (and also graphite) is pure carbon, without iron. Heating graphite and subjecting it to intense pressure can make small industrial diamonds.

Who is better thermal conductor diamond or graphite?

Graphite conducts far more electrical conductivity vise versa the diamond conducting far more thermal conductivity. Diamonds are hard. Graphite is soft.

Is it possible to convert carbon in the diamond to graphite and use it as a pencil?

No. While both sraphite and diamond ARE carbon, they are totally different crystals of carbon.

What makes diamond most suitable for cutting hard material while graphite best for making pencils?

Both diamond and graphite are alltropes of carbon. But the crystal structure of diamond makes it the hardest natural mineral, while the crystal structure of graphite makes it a natural for pencils.

Diamond and graphite are both forms of carbon.Diamond is hard Graphite is soft and flaky How could these different properties be explained?

Diamond and graphite have different structures which account for their different properties. Graphite is arranged into sheets which are easily removed. Diamond, on the other hand, is a network solid that has very strong bonds and intermolecular forces holding it together.

The chemical composition of graphite and diamond is?

Graphite and Diamonds are both allotropes of Carbon.

Why is a diamond hard and sparkly and a graphite soft and gray?

Because the atoms are carbon are arranged differently.

Which can be used as a lubricant - graphite or diamond?


Why is diamond hard but graphite soft?

In diamond the carbon atoms are bonded three dimensionally in a giant crystal lattice whereas graphite has these strong bonds in only two dimensions. The graphite sheets slide over each other giving it a greasy feel.

Do both diamond and graphite have a crystal structure?

Yes. Diamond is isometric, graphite is hexagonal.

Why is graphite softer than diamond?

The crystalline structure of graphite and diamond are very different.