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As this is the first step for your child to give his life and live good lifes.

Unless he is Christian, it isn't. If he is, then Confirmation is the first step to complete participation in the church and in the Eucharist.

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Q: Why is it important for your child to make his confirmation?
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Why is it important to do Confirmation?

In order to make the adult decision to remain within the Church.

Why is it important for Catholics to receive Confirmation?

In order to make an adult decision to remain in the Church.

Why is it important to make observations in a child care setting?

why is important to make observation of children in a child care setting

What is a Christians definition of Confirmation?

Confirmation is the "confirming" of one's baptismal vows, spoken on behalf of the child in its infancy. In confirmation, the child is now old enough to affirm these vows for him/herself.

Do you use a child's confirmation name on the envelope containing a money gift to present to her at the confirmation?


What renewal at confirmation is very important?

The renewal of your baptismal promises at confirmation is very important as this is what you need to live a Christian life.

What is the most important part of confirmation?

The most important part of Confirmation is when the pope, bishop or priest annoints you with the very important oil called the Chrism.

How are confirmation and baptism linked?

Baby Baptism is more the parents saying that they will bring this child up to know God. Confirmation is when the same child, later on in life, says for himself that he is Gods child

Why are the signs and symbols in confirmation important?

they explain the true meaning of confirmation and the whole purpose of the sacrament

Do the priests perform confirmation or the bishops do?

No it is the bishop who has to confirm the child.

How important is it for a child to have his father during early child development?

From birth onwards, the father is just as important as the mother in any child development, it will make a well balanced, contented child.

What is the sacraments of confirmation?

Confirmation is the Sacrament in which the young person receives the Holy Spirit. At Baptism, the child's Godparents made the vows on his/her behalf. At Confirmation, the young person makes the vows for his/herself.

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