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In the nineteenth century, women were not considered equal to men.

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The story is set in the late nineteenth century in the home of Louise Mallard

It takes place in the early nineteenth century.

the time is the end of the nineteenth century the place is England and Eastern Europe

Oliver Twist did not invent anything, however, the story takes place in the early nineteenth century. The novel was written by Charles Dickens.

The story (written by Charlotte Bronte) takes place during the early-to mid-nineteenth century, and covers a span of about twelve years.In the reign of Queen Victoria, in the 1800s.

Early years of the nineteenth century.

British colonial India of the mid to late nineteenth century. (the Raj)

Mid to late nineteenth century in Paris, France. I would assume telephones were in use at the time- if so, a timely phone call could have saved a lot of money!

Janice Foreman has written: 'An enquiry into the place of the church in rural society in the nineteenth century'

Paris, France= mid to late nineteenth century. a phone call ( phones were up and running in the nineties) could have literally saved the day- and an estimated $64,000 and a crash-dive into poverty.

It is set in Chicago in the late nineteenth century.The Jungle by Upton Sinclair takes place in the packing yards of Chicago, during the start of the 20th century.

Not quite. The first moon landing took place in 1969. That was more than two thirds of the way through the twentieth Century.

Most of the stories in the Jungle Book take place in British colonial India during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

It refers to the time that the story takes place. For example, it could take place in 18th century England.

The Market Revolution took place in the nineteenth century. It was a time when the marketplace expanded. This was due to roads and canals being built.

Hamlet was based on the story of a Danish prince who lived in the 7th Century AD.

The time period in "The Pearl" is unclear, but it most likely takes place in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

Here in America touch football was invented the mid-nineteenth century with the first college game taking place in 1869. It was in the twentieth century that touch football gained in popularity.

12th Century BCE, although Homer's story incorporated elements of Greek past from the 14th to the 8th Century BCE.

the setting is important to a story for the following reasons:A good description of the setting can place the reader inside of the storyif the story to place in a different time period than written the events in a story might not make senseThe setting will make the story believable or unbelievable

It takes place in the 19-20th century in coastal North Carolina.

then you would not know where the story takes place.

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