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It allows for quick access

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The address of the Mcelroy Risk Advisors is: 1030 Sw Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201

Actually they are often located in other offices than the west wing. The space there is often small and tight.

In Disneyland it is on Main street.

what city is closest to north pole and what city is closest to south pole?

It is the closest planet to the Sun

It all depends on where you are located.

Seattle is located closest to what parallel of latitude

The address of the Hall Of Presidents is: 789 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325

4th planet closest to Sun

The state capital city that is located closest to these coordinates is Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Comfort Inn Cancun Aeropuerto is the hotel located closest to Cancun International Airport. It is located less than 1.5 miles away from the airport.

The Philippine Islands are closest to the continent of Asia. The group of islands are located closest to the coast of Vietnam, which is a country in Asia.

You are closest to the country you are in. Any other answer requires knowing where the person asking the question is located.

I would have to say the closest relative to the seahorse is the koala, since that is the category in which this question is located.

The C1 vertebra is the closest to the head that is not actually part of or contained within the head.

Wheatland, President James Buchanan's home, is located in Lancaster PA.

Antarctica is. In fact, the south pole is located ON that content.

The closest Masseys to Memphis, Tennessee is located in Millington, Tennessee.

the oval office is in the west wing

It is the closest planet to the sun.

Spain is mainly located on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe and is considered the closest country to Africa. However, Spain is actually partly located on mainland Africa.

The PCV valve is located on the side of the engine closest to the radiator. It is accessed between the two exhaust pipes closest to the drivers side.

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