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If the glass breaks, the pieces become projectiles and could be quite harmful to human life and/or cause great injury. Nobody would want to be in a room where pieces of glass were swirling about in an uncontrollable fashion.

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Q: Why is it important to avoid rooms with windows during a tornado?
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Where should you go during a tornado and where should you avoid?

Areas to avoid during a tornado include:anyplace outsidenear windowsin a doorwaynear anything that can fall on youPlaces you can go during a tornado include:cellar, basementstorm cellarstorm shelter, such as in a schoolan innermost room or hallway in the center of a building

Where is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm a tornado and a hurricane?

If a tornado threatens go to you basement or the center part of you house away from windows. Thunderstorms usually pose a less serious threat, though it is still a good idea to avoid windows. In a hurricane you should stay away from windows and be prepared to move to a higher floor. The number 1 killer in a hurricane is flooding.

What is an example sentence about a tornado?

Avoid the tornado, if possible.

Where should you seek refuge in your home during a tornado where are the safe rooms in your home?

The main idea is to put as much between you and the tornado as possible. Go to your basement if you have one. If not, take cover in an interior room, hallway, or closet on the lowest floor. A bathroom and especially a bathtub often provide good protection. Avoid windows.

What should you do during a tornado if you are already inside a building such as a house or a school?

Go to a basement or cellar if you can. If one is not available go to an interior room, hallway, or closet on the lowest floor. A bathroom often provides good shelter. The idea is to get as low in the building as you can and put as many walls between you and the tornado as possible. Avoid windows as much as you can.

What if your up stairs in a tornado?

Get to the lowest level of the building you are in. A basement is best. If you cannot get downstairs get to a central room or closet away from windows. Avoid large rooms.

Where should you go and what should you do during a tornado if your house has no basement?

You should seek shelter in the inner-most room of your house. Avoid all windows if possible and use a firm, sturdy object (mattress, table, etc) to shield your body from potential debris.

Where will you go if you are inside if there is a tornado?

Get to a basement or storm cellar; the idea is to get as low as possible. If you cannot get underground go to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor. Avoid windows.

Is a subway a safe place during a tornado?

It probably would be. If you were to take cover in one you should probably go to one of the bathroom and avoid the entrance as the tornado could still throw debris in.

Why should visual learners avoid sitting near windows during lectures?

they are easily distracted

What do you do if a tornado strikes?

If a tornado strikes, the first priority is to find shelter in a safe location such as a basement or a windowless interior room. If there is no time to get indoors, lie flat in a low-lying area and cover your head with your arms. Avoid windows and seek sturdy shelter if possible. After the tornado passes, stay alert for downed power lines or other hazards and follow any instructions from local authorities.

What is the most important thing to do during an earthquake?

Avoid tall buildings.