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It is important to eat a variety of veg so you stay fit and healthy! Veg are important!!!!!!!!

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What do Tiger Moth Larvae eat?

They eat a wide variety of vegetables

Do leopard gecko's eat fruits and vegetables?

Leopard geckos are insectivores relying on a variety of live prey. They do not eat vegetables.

What food do wild snails eat?

They eat a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and leaves.

Why are vegetable oils important?

vegetables important to eat

What vegetables should you have to eat healthily?

Eat a great variety of vegetables to keep healthy. All vegetables have good fiber. Carrots have vitamin A. Broccoli and kale have many antioxidants.

Can skunks eat bamboo leaves?

Yes, skunks can eat bamboo leaves, they eat a variety of plants as well as a variety of fruits, vegetables, and small animals.

Can gerbils eat strawberries?

Yes, gerbils can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables! (including strawberries)

Do you eat vegetables?

Yes, you eat vegetables. They provide many nutrients important to maintaining a healthy body.

What did the Spanish eat?

The Spanish eat a wide variety of foods. Some of these include fish, a variety of fruits and vegetables, breads, cheese, as well as meats.

What do rabbits like eating?

Rabbits eat a variety of foods but hay is the most important component in their diet. Pellets and green vegetables also suit them very well.

What is the best way to get strong?

the best way to get strong is to eat vegetables and main important is green vegetables green means u can eat vegetables but the color have to be green

Whatkind of food do people eat in Pakistan?

The people in Pakistan eat a variety of meats, such as beef, chicken, and fish. They also eat vegetables.

What do guniea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and dry pellets to maintain a healthy diet.

Is the fruit diet good for you?

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. But you need a broader variety of foods as well. You should also eat vegetables and breads. You can eat some lean meats too, but that is not necessary.

Is eating different coloured vegetables more healthier than eating the same colour vegetables?

It is healthy to eat different vegetable's because if you eat all the time carrots it may only have 2 vitamins but if you eat lots of vegetables you will have more vitamins.It is not the colour of the vegetables you eat that makes a difference, it is the general variety of what you eat.If you were to eat all of the green vegetables in the world in a day, it would be no healthier to replace one with a carrot.

What do mitten crabs eat?

mitten crabs eat the same as other crabs except that mitten c rabs eat more of a variety of vegetables.

What do mufloni eat?

Mufloni goats, are herbivores. They eat a wide variety of plants and vegetables. Mufloni goats have also been known to eat fruit.

What 2 color vegetables are most important to eat?

green and white

Why is it important to eat 5 fruit and vegetable a day?

it is important to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day because it keeps you healthy.

If you 18 and want to loss weight what kind of food you eat?

If you are trying to lose weight and you are 18 years old it is important to eat a variety of fruits a vegetables. Also, drink lots of water and make sure you sweat when you work out.

How do you get vitamins being a vegetarian?

Eat a variety of foods; especially fruits and vegetables. There are vegetarian vitamin supplements.

What do pound snails eat?

Pound snails or giant African snails eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. They also eat the leaves of many trees or even grass.

Do possums eat grains?

Possums eat a variety of things which includes, fruits, vegetables, and plants. They may eat grains as well. Possums have also been known to eat frogs.

What do backyard lizards eat in southwestern US?

Lizards in the southwest eat a variety of foods. Some of these include vegetables, insects, as well as small rodents.

What food do austrailins eat most of?

One of the foods that is most eaten by Australians is seafood. They also eat a variety of meats, fruits, vegetables, and desserts.