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Q: Why is it important to keep emails safe ans secure?
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Where should you keep important insurance papers?

You should keep important insurance papers in a secure place, like a safe, bank safety deposit box, or a secure place inside your home.

Why is it important to keep data safe and secure?

Its important to keep data safe so people can't steal it and abuse it. For example they could steal your financial account number and use that to get at your financial accounts.

Why is it important to keep information safe and secure?

because people can easily hack your computer but they cant get to your information if your info is secured

What is free online storage used for?

Free online storage is used to save emails, pictures , or links online. The make it easy so you can keep your things online knowing its safe and secure.

How is emails safe?

Only encrypted emails are considered reasonably safe.

What happens to deleted emails?

Deleted emails are kept by the government...seriously, they started after 911 to make the country more secure & safe. Also to monitor things online to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

Is posb internet banking safe?

Yes, POSB Internet Banking is safe. They will provide you with an online account name and password. These will help to keep your account safe and secure. They also offer extra security tips that may help you keep your account secure.

Secure And Stored?

Keeping all those paper clips and important papers safe and secure is easy with a desk organizer.

How do you keep your your computer safe and secure?

1. Use antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. 2. Install security patches. 3. Use a firewall. 4. Secure your browser.

Are dragonfable emails safe?


Is it safe to make a payment over the internet?

"As long as you trust the site you are making a payment to, then it is usually safe. Most legitimate sites tend to keep a kind of secure network to keep your information safe from phisers."

Why do you think it is important to relocate crocodiles?

To keep both people and crocodiles safe.

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